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It is a rare privilege to lead a school that offers such a prestigious education. It is rarer still to lead a school endowed more than 450 years ago by one of England's greatest monarchs.
Seven at RGS

When Sam joined RGS, he moved from a small primary school to a year group of over 230. Here he talks about his first impressions of Year 7 and why it isn't nearly as scary as he imagined.

Sam, Year 7

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    RGS is acclaimed for its academia. Our curriculum ensures breadth and depth, enabling boys to experience huge diversity and play to their strengths. Languages, the Humanities, Mathematics, the Sciences, the Creative and Performing Arts - plus numerous sports and activities are all part of the School's carefully considered academic programme. More than twenty-five subjects are offered and examined at both GCSE and A Level, including six languages, ancient and modern! This allows every individual student to develop his talents to the full, and provides endless opportunities for him to excel.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What clubs are there and when do they take place?

    You will be given a booklet containing a list of all clubs two weeks into the start of the year. They are mostly at lunchtime, but some run after school as well. You will have to check with the person running the club to find out precise times.You will be given a booklet containing a list of all clubs two weeks into the start of the year. They are mostly at lunchtime, but some run after school as well. You will have to check with the person running the club to find out precise times.

    What are the Houses associated with?

    When you start in Year 7 you will be put in a House. St James, Windsor, Kensington, Balmoral, Buckingham, Sandringham. The Houses are named after royal houses

    There are many opportunities to represent the RGS right from the start of Year 7. In sports,the rugby season runs Sept-Feb half-term, followed by hockey between Jan-Easter break. Cricket runs from Easter to the end of the year. There are opportunities to represent RGS in the following sports: Cross-country, Athletics, Cricket (four teams plus two development teams), Rugby (four teams plus two development teams), Hockey(four teams), Basketball, Fives, Table Tennis and Badminton. House competitions in various other activities including Languages, Chess, Poetry, Music, Art, RS, run throughout the year and will enable you to win House Points towards the annual House Cup.

    How much homework do you get?

     In Year 7 you should receive 3 subjects each day of about 25 minutes per subject, although this may vary.

    How long is each lesson and how many lessons are there during the school day?

    There are 8 periods in the school day, each one lasting between 35-40 minutes. For some subjects you may have a double period.

    What do you do in form time before school starts at 8:40am?

    You are allowed into your Form Room from 8:00am. Before school starts, you can read a book, visit the Library, go on your phone or chat to your friends.

    What if I get lost?

    You may get lost quite a bit for the first week or so, but teachers are not strict about you being late at the beginning, and you will have a map to help you find your way around. You can also ask staff, prefects or older boys for directions and they will be happy to help you.

    Who do I ask for help?

    'As a Sixth-Former I can reassure you that the Teachers will help you loads; everyone gets lost; and it doesn’t matter if you are not great at rugby. RGS has something for everyone.
    As The Listening Ear, RGS’s peer support, I will also be there when we finally meet – for some practical advice; a smiling face in a safe haven or to help link you with an adult who can help.' Jasper

    How many Boarders are there in Fraser Youens?

    Fraser Youens Boarding House is a fantastic place, with 70 boarders ranging across all year groups. Living here is great fun and you will have your friends with you from the moment you wake up until it is time to go to bed.

    How do I get organised in Boarding?

    When you start you will have a Boarding Tutor who looks after you. They will check you are on top of homework and remind you to pack your schoolbag the night before, as well as helping you to get to know the rest of the boys in the House.

    You will also have a 'junior' buddy' from the year above. They went through exactly what you did, so they know just what you are talking about. You will also be assigned a 'prefect buddy' so you can get to know some of the older boys.

    What time is breakfast and will I like the food?

    Breakfast is between 7.30 am - 8.30 am. You don't have to come to breakfast in your school uniform, unless you come down after 8 o'clock, but you also can't come down in your pyjamas, so most people wear sports kit or comfy clothes.

    The snack at break time is something you can eat with your hands, like a toasted sandwich, a sausage roll or pizza.

    All the boarders, boarding staff and their families eat together, and dinner is everyone's favourite meal of the day. There is a three-course meal every night, and the dining staff get to know you really well, particularly if there are things you can't or don't like to eat. So if you ask them, they may even cook something different just for you.. Everyon's favourite dinner is on Thursday, which is 'Meal of the Week', selected by a Boarder.

    How do I make the most of my free time?

    In Boarding, there are plenty of activities for you to enjoy, such as cricket nets, football, basketball and some of your own games like four square and table tennis.
    However, if tyou're not particularly into sports then we have lots of other activities such as chess, cookery, board games and music practice.