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Year 12 Induction Programme

Moving into Sixth Form means adjusting to the demands of A Level specifications and, for some, a new school.  The following have been put in place:

  • Transition work – a small package of work in each subject has been designed for students to sample work in each academic area. The transition work can be found in the ‘Dive into A Levels’ section of the Sixth From web portal and the log in is in the letter sent out to parents. It is recommended that it is completed before the start of term in September.
  • Sixth Form 2023 Entry booklet, available on the School website under the Sixth Form tab, which details A Level entry-requirements for each subject. This booklet also gives information regarding recommended reading material by subject area.
  • Sixth Form booklist which details which books to buy for each A Level subject, in the ‘Everything you need to Know for September’ tab of the Into the Sixth portal.
  • An Induction Programme designed to make the transition as smooth as possible from an academic and pastoral perspective. This will include a Freshers’ Fair (where students will be informed about RGS clubs and volunteering opportunities); an A Level study skills workshop and an Enrichment day.

The timetable for the Year 12 Induction Day on Tuesday 5th Sept is as follows:


  • 9.00am     Year 12 students that are new to RGS, to meet in the School Library for registration and School photographs.
  • 10.00am  All of Year 12 in the Queen’s Hall for Introductory talk
  • 10.15am  Year 12 final subject choice and new student and administration, Queen’s Hall
  • 10.40am  Year 12 Induction Programme in Form Rooms
  • 12.00pm End of Induction Programme for existing students
  • 12.00pm Year 12 students (new to RGS) to meet for lunch in the Restaurant provided by the School. Induction Programme for new Y12 students continues: biometric system sign-in and tour of school site.
  • 1.00pm    Tour of the Library for new Y12s
  • 1.15pm     Q and A for new Year 12s in the Upper Library.
  • 1.30pm    End of Induction Day.

Wednesday 6th September - For Students New to Year 12

Please note for new students to RGS, school IT logins and set up IDs will take place between 3.40pm - 5.00pm on Tuesday 6th September.