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What we have funded

Dear RGS Parents

On behalf of the RGS PA, thank you to all of you who have so far signed up to and Amazon Smile and linked your purchases to the "Royal Grammar School - High Wycombe" cause. We are currently up to 87 parents who have linked to the cause and would be great to get as close to 1000+ as possible. Many of the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales continue for another week, along with all the additional purchases we all make leading up to Christmas, it is the perfect time to ask as many of you to join.

We have a goal to raise £15,000 to refurbish the School Science Block, we would love your help on this as a truly ‘RGS Parent initiative’ - 1,300 individual efforts focused on the goal will guarantee success (please also tell grandparents, relatives and friends about it as well!). If you have not done so yet, please click for Easyfundraising and the link for Amazon Smile. If each parent spends £700 online shopping with the likes of Amazon, John Lewis, Tesco's, M&S, Waitrose, Asda, Ebay (over 3,000 retailers to choose from), we could hit our target. Thanks to many of you supporting the school and it would be really fun if we could announce the target hit either before Xmas or early in the New Year.

It is one of a number of initiatives the PA are involved in and we would welcome all parents to take part in helping RGS be the best it can be for our children.

 Thank you for your support

Chair of RGS PA

The RGS PA Purpose is to create a community within the school and support core investment projects

The largest single donation funded the The RGSPA Room, one of a number of classrooms completely refurbished as part of the Access to Excellence Campaign.

Every year the PA also funds:

  • Meals for boys assisting on open evenings (the 'sausage sizzle')
  • A contribution towards the lease of two minibuses
  • Prizes for Form Prizes
  • Refreshments for Junior & Senior Prize Giving
  • Refreshments for the Carol Service

Previously, we have funded:

  • The outdoor seating area: landscaping and furniture
  • Parasols for the outdoor seating area to enable it to be used in all weather conditions
  • £10,000 for a ‘learning wall’ in one of the newly refurbished classrooms
  • Replacement of stage curtains in the Queen's Hall
  • Glazing to create 'The Space' under the Queen's Hall 
  • Redecoration of the Queen's Hall foyer 
  • Stage lighting and projector for the Queen's Hall 
  • Digital camera and scanner for the Photography Club
  • New kitchen for the Queen's Hall 
  • Water fountains 
  • Honours boards
  • Fencing equipment