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Welcome to RGS Sixth Form

Entering the Sixth Form is an exciting time in your educational journey. Your choice of A Level subjects will indicate where your passions lie and will help you shape your future careers.
Sixth Form at RGS

RGS enjoys a  reputation as a centre of academic excellence. Students are ambitious, hardworking and respectful of scholarship. The environment is challenging and purposeful, but supportive and inspiring in equal measure, you will be emboldened to explore and push boundaries.

Steve Noyes, Director of Sixth Form

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    RGS is acclaimed for its academia. Our curriculum ensures breadth and depth, enabling boys to experience huge diversity and play to their strengths. Languages, the Humanities, Mathematics, the Sciences, the Creative and Performing Arts - plus numerous sports and activities are all part of the School's carefully considered academic programme. More than twenty subjects are offered and examined at A Level, including six languages, ancient and modern! This allows every individual student to develop his talents to the full, and provides endless opportunities for him to excel.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Which Form will I be put in?

    Forms are primarily arranged in subject areas and students are allocated to Forms according to future career aspirations. Medics will normally be in a Biology/Chemistry Form whilst prospective engineers would more likely be in a Maths/Physics Form. If students do not know what they would like to do for a career, they will be placed in a Form which matches their A Level subject choices most closely.

    What do you do in Private Study periods?

    In Year 12, Private Study takes place in the Upper Library and is supervised by a member of staff to ensure a good working environment. As you move through the Sixth Form we aim to provide a variety of venues which allow a greater degree of independent study, which we believe prepares students in the best way for study beyond RGS.

    How do I become a prefect?

    The best way to become a prefect is to get involved as fully and as positively as possible in all aspects of school life. All students and staff vote for who they think would make the most suitable prefects (January of Year 12) and then there follows a rigorous procedure of selecting the Senior Prefect team, Heads of Houses, Subject Ambassadors and Junior School prefects. Students make an application to these posts and have interviews to select the best possible candidates for each role.

    Is sport on the 6th Form curriculum?

    There is a dedicated Games afternoon for Year 12 on a Wednesday afternoon (Periods 7 and 8). Students can opt to take part in competitive sport (Rugby/Hockey/Rowing) or participate in other sports on a rotational basis. This Games afternoon continues in Year 13 for competitive sports but becomes a study afternoon for those who choose not to play inter-school sport in Year 13.

    Are there activities with other local schools?

    Yes. We collaborate most closely with Wycombe Abbey School in High Wycombe. This is an independent boarding school for girls. We participate jointly with them in a variety of events including the Management Conference and Summer Ball in Year 12 and an Academic Forum and interview practice exchange for students applying to Oxbridge in the Autumn Term of Year 13. There is also some collaboration with other local schools in Music and Drama activities.

    What help is available for applications to Higher Education?

    There is an extensive programme of events which help to inspire and walk students carefully through the application procedure for Higher Education. Most students at RGS graduate to UK universities and for this process there is a Careers Fair, an opportunity to visit university Open Days, a dedicated day devoted to the UCAS procedure in June of Year 12 and lots of help with Personal Statement writing.

    For this and all other options there is a dedicated Careers department where staff are willing to spend time exploring the best available options.

    How much time should I spend working at home?

    We recommend that students spend an average of two hours per night on studying at home. This is as a supplement to the work that is done during Private Study sessions during the school day. This allows for students to complete homework set by the teachers as well as time to do the independent study which is key to the ultimate success at A Level.

    Are there exams in Year 12?

    There is a one-hour paper in all 4 subject areas in January of Year 12 which are the UCAS Mock exams. These provide a snapshot of your progress from the start of Year 12 up to this point. The main exams in Year 12 are the UCAS exams which are taken in June of Year 12. They are internally assessed but are a major factor in determining predicted grades that are needed for your UCAS applications in Year 13.

    Can I drive to School?

    Once you have passed your driving test, there is limited parking on the Uplyme site. If there is sufficient space, you can apply to be allocated a specific bay to park your car on receipt of the termly fee for doing so. Students are asked to display their permit permanently on the dashboard of the registered car.

    Are there any trips in the 6th Form?

    There is lots of potential for involvement in trips in the 6th Form. As well as various departmental trips both nationally and internationally, the school offers sports trips in the major school sports, CCF trips, ski trips, trips of a cultural nature and there is a work experience exchange with a school in Toulouse to do some international work experience in Year 12. There is also the possibility of involvement with Duke of Edinburgh and World Challenge trips.

    What is the 360 profile?

    The 360 profile is a dedicated RGS programme involving all 6th Formers which helps them to build their 360 profile by encouraging them to participate in activities which enhance their overall CVs. It includes making a sustained contribution to our co-curricular programme, volunteering, work experience and independent academic research. We also would like our students to access a position of leadership during their time in the 6th Form. This can be achieved both inside and outside of school.

    Why do pupils study four A Levels?

    It gives the student an opportunity to delve into their chosen subjects at A Level standard to establish which ones are the most interesting and suitable for them. By the end of the Spring term, the majority of students have selected three chosen A Level subjects.

    Approximately 20% of students continue with 4 A Levels in Y13.