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Parent Information

Updating Medical Details & General Information

This section provides you with updates on general medical information from the School. Please see within this section the link to the form to update your son's medical information should it be required.

Special Dietary Information for Secondary Schools with Cashless Catering

Please be advised on Alliance in Partnership (AiP) procedures regarding allergies, and also includes contact details for their Nutrition Manager should the need arise for more information. 

In adherence with the allergy regulations, which came into effect in December 2014, Alliance in Partnership (AiP) can provide a full and detailed listing of allergens present within our menu range we serve at each school. Each kitchen has listings highlighting any of the 14 EU regulated allergens present in our menu. Further extensive ingredient lists are present on site or with the Nutrition Team in our head office. All of this material is available upon request from the kitchen manager, or from our Quality and Nutrition Manager at

Any student who has a medical allergy, needs to inform the School who will detail that information on the School Sims system. This information will then be inputted into the cashless system to help aide students at service time.

Once this information is active on the cashless system, the kitchen will support the student in making the correct choices. This does include double-checking items the students have chosen at the till. For example: if a student is identified as having a dairy allergy and chooses cheese on toast the student will be advised to choose another item and one that excludes dairy. The onus is with the student to make an informed decision based on their own understanding of their allergy.

Items that are naturally Gluten or Dairy free are highlighted with signs on the service counter to aid student choice. We do not specifically provide an allergy free menu on a daily basis.

Regarding Nuts

We don’t use any nuts (either peanut or any tree nuts) in our kitchens. Neither do we use any ingredients that contain nuts in our kitchens.

May Contain Labels
All our kitchens purchase ingredients from a centralised buying list. Each item is analysed by a nutritionist before being allowed on the list. Any item that carries a ‘may contain’ label is researched with the manufacturer before being allowed on the list. We may only allow items that carry a ‘may contain’ label if the manufacturer can provide proof that nuts are produced in a separate manufacturing building or area. We do not allow items carrying the ‘may contain’ label where the product is produced on the same production line.

Coconut - Coconut is not considered a nut and does not fall into the peanut or tree nut allergy categories. We do use coconut in our kitchens.

Sesame - All our kitchens do contain Sesame.

If you have any further questions regarding our policy, our nutritionist will be happy to speak with you. You may contact us at or 0121 420 3030.