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Sixth Form

Transport to School & Parking


Students in Year 13 may choose to drive to School. However, very limited parking is available for Sixth Form students on the Uplyme Field car park.

Year 12 students who pass their test should not consider driving to school until mid-May when the Year 13 have started their exam Leave of Absence. A parking permit must be obtained from the Resources Centre beforehand. The cost of the Permit is £120 per year from the Autumn Term; £80 in the Spring Term and £40 after Easter. Permits are given out on a “first come, first served” basis, with Year 13 students having priority as indicated above. Sixth Form parking permits must be clearly displayed on the dashboard at all times.

The School cannot accept responsibility for students driving their own cars or for passengers choosing to have a lift from a friend.  Drivers should be aware of any insurance restrictions.  The School reserves the right to request parents to stop their son driving to school should we witness dangerous or careless use of a vehicle. Car drivers are strongly urged to protect their car with an anti-theft device and not to have expensive stereos or valuables on display. The School accepts no responsibility for damage, loss or theft. 


Boys may secure their bicycles in the bike shed on the school site at their own risk. They must ensure security precautions are taken when leaving bicycles.


If you would like to apply for paid-for transport please visit the Buckinghamshire County website where you can submit an application form. 

Bucks County Website

Any queries involving bus passes should be directed to the Transport Office at Buckinghamshire County Council on 01296 387439.  If your son loses his bus pass, he must go to the School Office, who will issue a temporary pass.  Parents are asked to organise replacement bus passes directly with the Transport Office. 

If your son misses his bus after school, he should go to the School Office to make a telephone call or to borrow money so he can get home.