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School Life

Table Tennis

The main focus of the school’s Table Tennis club, has always been to achieve the involvement of the largest number of boys, regardless of ability.

The club normally achieves a membership of around 50 to 60 and is available to all years. The club attracts a large membership from Years 7, 8 and 9, and is a good opportunity for boys new to the school to gain confidence in an environment where participation does not necessarily depend on having a high level of skill. That said, for those boys who wish to be involved at a more competitive level, the club takes part in the High Wycombe Table Tennis League.

The boys involved in the League, take responsibility for arranging their own teams, choosing their captains and are then entered as teams by the RGS club. The season for the League lasts from around October to March and, depending on the division entered, can accommodate a fair range of ability.

For pupils who have the ability to compete at a more senior level, we encourage them to join a local club, and if they wish, can put them in touch with representatives of the High Wycombe Club, who have access to good quality coaching and facilities.