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Sixth Form

Student Support

The welfare of our students is paramount and as such, all of our Sixth Formers are individually recognised and well supported through the transition from GCSE to A Level by a team of dedicated form tutors and Head of Year. This partnership will last throughout the two years and will culminate in support both for academic study and preparation for next steps.

We have nine form groups within the Sixth Form and students are allocated according to their academic preference. The Form Tutor they are assigned will therefore be a specialist teacher in their preferred subject area and will remain with them throughout their two years of study. The Form Tutor is responsible for collating all of the subject references and writing the final reference to take each student onto the next stage of their career.

Year 12 and Year 13 will have a dedicated Head of Year (Y12, Mr Chitham-Mosley and Y13, Mrs Suzan Byrd) who will take responsibility for one year group each, on a two-year cycle, and will remain overseeing that year group for the duration of their Sixth Form education. Mr Noyes, the Director of Sixth Form, will oversee both years and Mrs Tan, an Associate Assistant Head, will develop the Sixth Form programme which nurtures student aspiration and curriculum enrichment.

Academic progress is closely monitored throughout the two years with every effort made to help our students meet, and in many cases exceed, their potential. We believe that having a partnership between the students, their parents and our staff is vital to achieving success and this correlation is central to our working ethos. Further support is given to our students on their future from the Director of Careers and the team responsible for the UCAS process whilst any on-site medical needs are looked after by our full-time Matron.