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Sport (BTEC) & Physical Education


Across all Physical Education and Sporting curriculums, we have an ambitious, stimulating, and challenging vision to deliver a high quality and inclusive programme. 

Our Aim is to

Support and nurture better people to

Develop a high sense of self-worth and to be inspired to contribute positively to society.

Develop the confidence and competence with their skills and knowledge within Physical Activity, Physical Education and Sport.

Develop personal responsibility for lifelong engagement in a healthy and physically active lifestyle.

Practical PE/Sport Lessons

All great journeys start with the ‘End in Mind’. This means that we establish a clear vision with our students on where they want to get to with Physical Education and we set about supporting them to achieve that vision by teaching the desired skills and knowledge from the very start of the RGSHW journey. We adopt a variety of activities to provide a broad and balanced experience that is tailored to the individual needs of each student within a safe, inspiring, and inclusive environment. This allows all students to regularly learn the 'End in Mind' skills and knowledge and maximise their development and enjoyment within Physical Education. Our Athletic Development Coaches provide further support throughout this process as additional members of staff in lessons.


GCSE Physical Education is for those pupils who have a passion for Physical Education, Physical Activity and Sport. The ability to perform sport to a high level is advantageous but not a necessity. We use the AQA exam board at GCSE as it offers a breadth of stimulating topics which build on well from our KS3 Physical Education curriculum. The theoretical aspects of the course will develop a learner’s knowledge and understanding of the factors that underpin performance and involvement in Physical Education, Physical Activity and Sport. The practical element of the GCSE course affords the opportunity for students to perform in some of their favourite sports as well as produce a written analysis and evaluation on how they could improve in one of their chosen performances. The GCSE course will develop a student’s passion beyond the specification and inspire the possibilities of future careers in the Sport industry.

Externally Examined Assessment (Theory) 

How it is assessed 

  • Written exam: 1 hour 15 minutes for each paper
  • 78 marks for each paper
  • 30% of GCSE for each paper.

Paper 1: The human body and movement in physical activity and sport.

  • Applied anatomy and physiology 
  • Movement analysis 
  • Physical training 
  • Use of data 

Paper 2: Socio-cultural influences and well-being in physical activity and sport.

  • Sports psychology 
  • Socio-cultural influences 
  • Health, fitness and well-being 
  • Use of data 

Non-Examined Assessment (Practical)

 How it is assessed. 

  • Assessed by teachers and moderated by AQA. 
  • Total 40% of GCSE (30% Practical Performance and 10% Written Analysis and Evaluation).  
  • Practical performance in three different physical activities in the role of player/performer - one in a team activity, one in an individual activity and a third in either a team or in an individual activity.
  • Practical Performance - for each of their three activities, students will be assessed in skills in progressive drills (10 marks per activity) and in the full context (15 marks per activity). 
  • Written Analysis and Evaluation - Students will be assessed on their analysis (15 marks) and evaluation (10 marks) of performance to bring about improvement in one activity. 


Our ambitious, challenging and stimulating BTEC Sport course develops knowledge and understanding of a range of factors that contribute to high performance Sport. We teach beyond the syllabus and encourage students to draw on their own sporting experiences when completing assessments or participating in inspiring vocational opportunities. The course offers students the opportunity to complete external exams, internal assignments, and practical assessments. Many of our student's progress to top universities to study sport related degrees as well as other non-sport related fields. Previous students have also transitioned into high performance sporting environments to pursue a career in professional sport. BTEC Sport is an extremely enjoyable course that develops a wide range of interpersonal and academic skills which benefit all future education and employment.  

Year 12 Topics: Extended Certificate (1 A – Level)

  • Anatomy & Physiology (External Exam).
  • Fitness Training and Programming for Health, Sport and Well-Being (External Exam).
  • Professional Development (Internal Assignment).
  • Sports Leadership (Internal Assignment & Vocational Experiences).

Year 13 Topics: Foundation Diploma (1.5 A – Level)

  • Sport Psychology (Internal Assignment).
  • Application of Fitness Testing (Internal Assignment).
  • Practical Sport Performance (Internal Assignment).