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Sport (BTEC) & Physical Education


Across all Physical Education curriculums, we have an ambitious, stimulating and challenging vision to deliver a high quality and inclusive programme. Our aim is to support, develop and nurture good people who have a high sense of worth, desire to make a positive imprint on the society and become physically literate.  

Practical PE/Sport Lessons

We offer a wide and rich range of sport and physical activity experiences that enhance and extend learners interests, skills and knowledge. Our curriculum contributes exceptionally well to the development of the learner’s character, movement, technical and tactical dexterity whilst also supporting their resilience and work ethic in the face of challenges and difficulties. We aim for all students to become confident, physically competent and possess the knowledge and understanding to value and take responsibility for engagement in physical activity for life. 


We use the AQA exam board at GCSE as it offers a breadth of stimulating topics which build on well from our KS3 curriculum. The practical side of the course affords the opportunity for students to perform in some of their favourite sports as well as produce a written analysis and evaluation on how they could improve their performance. The GCSE course will develop a student’s passion for sport and physical activity beyond the specification and highlight the possibilities of future careers in the industry.


Our BTEC Sport course offers students the opportunity to be assessed via external exams, internal assignments and practical assessments. We teach beyond the syllabus by encouraging students to draw on their own sporting experiences and awareness of wider societal topics when completing their work or participating in vocational opportunities. This fuels a passion for the subject and prepares all students well for future study and the working world.

Year 12 Topics: Extended Certificate (1 A – Level)

  • Anatomy & Physiology (External Exam).
  • Fitness Training and Programming for Health, Sport and Well – Being (External Exam).
  • Professional Development (Internal Assignment & Vocational Experiences).
  • Sports Leadership (Internal Assignment & Vocational Experiences).

Year 13 Topics: Foundation Diploma (1.5 A – Level)

  • Sport Psychology (Internal Assignment).
  • Application of Fitness Testing (Internal Assignment).
  • Practical Sport Performance (Internal Assignment).


Our ambitious, challenging and stimulating BTEC Sport course develops knowledge and understanding of a range of factors that contribute to high performance Sport. We teach beyond the syllabus and encourage you to draw on your own sporting experiences when completing assessments or participating in several inspiring vocational opportunities.

The course covers a wide range of practical and academic approaches to sport, including modules on Fitness Training and Programming for Health, Sport and Well-Being, Sport Psychology, Sport Leadership, and Anatomy and Physiology. Assessment is through a combination of external exams, internal assignments and practical assessments. Many of our students progress to top universities to study sport-related degrees, though the skills and knowledge gained as part of the BTEC are also applicable in many non-sport related fields. 

A number of our previous students have also transitioned into high performance sporting environments to pursue a career in professional sport. BTEC Sport is an extremely enjoyable course that develops a wide range of interpersonal and academic skills which benefit all future education and employment.