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Learning Spanish at A-level does not only allow students to communicate with others in a foreign language but is also integral to unlocking in students a sense of cultural understanding, a celebration of difference and a deep knowledge of modern and traditional values which shape the people of these countries.

Our language students develop greatly throughout each year, rising to the challenges of an ambitious and stimulating scheme of work. They become highly competent communicators and listeners, displaying an impressive ability to digest, analyse, discuss and develop points of view successfully and confidently.

A-level Spanish students have the opportunity to study a wide range of topics throughout this course which focuses on aspects of the Hispanic society and culture as well as taking a look at the political landscape, focusing on young people and their political engagement. The content is ambitious and stimulating and allows for interesting discussions on all of these important, topical issues. Students continue to build on the core skills learnt at GCSE (reading, writing, speaking, listening and translation) whilst becoming confident and successful communicators. Furthermore, their weekly lessons with the Spanish Language Assistant enable them to practise new vocabulary and share ideas in a more spontaneous setting.  

Throughout this course, students learn the relevance of being able to communicate at such a high level and thrive at the challenge of being able to access, understand and react to authentic material such as Spanish news items, interviews and the use of songs as a learning tool. All our students are encouraged to participate in the national essay writing and translation competitions such as Oxford University’s Stephen Spender Translation Prize.