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Sixth Form Boarding Scholarships

For applicants wishing to apply for boarding places in the RGS Sixth Form, we currently have two annual scholarships available; one academic and one sports.

These scholarships can be worth up to 50% of the boarding fees and may run for the entirety of the student’s sixth form education.

We expect those students who are successful in gaining Sixth Form Boarding Scholarships to be leaders of their year group with high personal standards of behaviour, discipline, appearance and organisation. We expect them to be an excellent role model for other students and to be ambassadors for the Royal Grammar School. These students need to have a high commitment to their studies, an enthusiastic approach to life in the Sixth Form and to make a significant contribution to the extra-curricular life within the school.

Academic Scholarship

The academic scholarship will be awarded to a student who has a proven record of academic achievement throughout their school career, which will result in at least seven GCSEs at Grade 9 to gain the full 50% Award.  A lower scholarship may be awarded for a lower number of 8/9 grades. For example, 40% for six Grade 9s (with at least two more at Grade 8), 33% for five Grade 9s (with three or more at Grade 8) or 25% for four 9s (with three or more at Grade 8). The % amount and decision will be set by the Scholarship panel but is capped at 50%.

Sports Scholarship

The sports scholarship will be awarded to a student with a proven record of representative achievements (at least County level or above, including Academy representation) in a sport. The Sports Scholar will have made a significant contribution to represent sport as a performer and to the junior sport programme by helping to coach or mentor junior students. A sports scholarship student will also need to gain the required grades for entry to the RGS Sixth Form.

Application Procedure for Sixth Form Boarding Scholarships  

Candidates wishing to apply for a Sixth Form Boarding Scholarship must write a separate letter which will need to be submitted along with the usual Sixth Form Boarding Application Form to the Admissions Office by the 31st January 2024.

Candidates must attend RGS High Wycombe for an interview regarding boarding and scholarships. We will seek confirmation of a candidate’s predicted grades and report from his current school; these predicted grades and report must indicate that the candidate will meet the grades required for the award of a scholarship.

All sports scholarship candidates must submit a portfolio containing their certificates of sporting achievement, press cuttings, any letters from sports coaches and any other pertinent sporting information to the Director of Sport no later than 31st January 2024. If the information provided confirms that the candidate’s achievements are at least at the level required for a scholarship, then he will be invited for an interview with the Director of Sport. Candidates who have not already attended a boarding interview will be invited at the same time to meet with a senior member of boarding staff. 

Award and Tenure of Scholarships

The award of scholarships is at the discretion of the Scholarship Panel, which comprises a Trustee, the Director of Boarding and the Headmaster, and will be based on the evidence provided by the assessments and interviews.   

A review of a scholar’s performance, commitment and conduct may take place at any time during the tenure of the scholarship and a scholarship may be withdrawn by the Panel if this review is unsatisfactory.

Subject to the above review, the tenure of the scholarship is expected to run for the two years of Sixth Form education.