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Sixth Form

School Catering & Snacks

Cucina are RGS’s appointed caterers to provide students, teachers, and staff with an exciting catering experience. Executive Chef, Matt Edmonds, and his catering team serve menus based on healthy ingredients, variety and lots of interesting new things to try.

All dishes are prepared every day using quality, fresh and seasonal ingredients that are responsibly sourced. Cucina want students to understand the importance of eating the right foods and to help them with their food and nutrition journey. Some of the dishes/items on offer are:

  • A selection of 'grab and go' items including baguettes, paninis, burritos and salads.
  • A variety of healthy, tasty main meals prepared from carefully selected ingredients. The menu will follow a similar weekly pattern your son knows what to expect; for example, a roast is served every Wednesday and fish and chips on a Friday.
  • There is a ‘V’ range with lots of vegetarian and vegan choices to choose from including the V burger, falafel & hummus market wrap and vegan home bakes.
  • A salad bar with homemade healthy salads, all pre-boxed and ready to be collected.
  • Theme days including Chinese New Year, American Drive-Thru, BBQ Beach Party, Harry Potter and Love British Food Fortnight.

We want to ensure that all students have access to a healthy nutritious meal and, with this in mind, we ask anyone with a Free School Meal allowance to select any two items including a hot main meal, pizza, salad box, panini or other nutritious snack plus either a hot pudding, fruit pot or freshly-made cake. If your son prefers, he can also choose to switch the pudding for a drink.

Meal deals will also be available and special offers (see local boards for information). The most popular meal deal is the Blue Dot meal deal for £2.40. Students can choose any 4 items (usually 80p each) displaying a blue dot sticker. Items include selected rolls, sandwiches, drinks, cakes and tray bakes, fruit bags, and more! The Blue Dot meal deal is also available to students who have an FSM allowance.

Restaurant opening hours

First and second break. Boys may use the canteen area to eat a packed lunch if they prefer.The Restaurant has wi-fi and Year 13 students can use the facility during the school day for their private study periods to work in slightly more relaxed surroundings. The Cafe Royal is open all day for Year 13 students to purchase snacks and hot and cold drinks.

Biometric System (new students)

The School operates a Biometric Cashless System through ParentPay, which is used in the Canteen and School Shop. Your son will have his fingerprint registered on the first day of School if he is new to the Sixth Form.


In order to load money on to your son’s account, during the first week of term, you will receive a letter containing a unique username and password to activate your ParentPay account. This allows future payments for School meals to be made by credit or debit card. The balance will be shown each time the account is used to make a purchase to allow time to re-credit. You may request a printout of your son’s expenditure from the Catering Manager (also available on ParentPay).

Whilst your son’s ParentPay account is set up, he can pay for lunch items via Apple Pay, Android Pay or bank card on the PDQ machine at the Café Royal.

Year 12 and 13 students are eligible for free school meals if they or their parents are receiving one of the qualifying benefits.  If your son is eligible for free meals, he will still have to register his fingerprint to open the account. The free meal allowance will automatically be credited to his account although the allowance will not accumulate if it is not spent. For further information, parents should contact the Finance Manager at