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RGS Sport

Within all RGS Sport we strive to create an environment that:
All great journeys start with the ‘End in Mind...’
This means that we establish a clear vision with our students and begin teaching the desired skills and knowledge from the very start of their journey in Sport.
The purpose of Physical Education, Sport and Physical Activity is to create an environment that:

Supports and nurtures all students to develop a high sense of self-worth and the character to contribute positively to society.

Supports and nurtures all students to develop the motivation, confidence and competence to thrive through a healthy and physically active lifestyle.

We have a broad and balanced curricular and co-curricular timetable that is carefully planned in conjunction with our three Tiers of Sport: Core Sport, Representational Sport and Recreational Sport.

This allows all students to regularly learn the ‘End in Mind’ skills and knowledge to maximise their development and lifelong enjoyment of sport within a safe, inspiring and inclusive environment.