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Public Speaking and Debating

Public Speaking is a well-established and extremely popular extra curricular activity at the RGS. The school has produced some truly outstanding speakers and has a reputation for excellence in the Rotary Club’s annual national Youth Speaks competition.

In recent years, the RGS’s Public Speaking teams have triumphed in the Youth Speaks competition at both the Intermediate and Senior levels and their success has marked them as aficionados of the art. Drawing on a range of subject matters and themes, our young men have proven themselves to be articulate and confident orators and have reaped the benefits of this discipline, both within school and beyond.

While Debating is still in its infancy at the RGS, it is nonetheless a popular and valued element of the extra curriculum programme at the school. Students have widely subscribed to both Junior and Senior Debating and their enthusiasm has enabled us to run well-attended fortnightly debates. These have addressed a plethora of controversial and current topics, supporting citizenship and academic studies.

We have participated in national events including the Oxford Union competition and the Great Shakespeare Debate.

Through Public Speaking and Debating, the RGS offers exciting and challenging opportunities for all, developing skills that will be valued for a lifetime.