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Lively, relevant, controversial… There are many ways to describe A level Politics. There’s no denying that it is one of the most interesting and engaging qualifications you can choose.  This is because our students engage directly with today’s world. Through careful study they build up a detailed understanding of government and politics in the UK and USA, together with the underpinning political ideologies. The Politics A level covers the following topics: 

  • UK Politics – democracy and participation, political parties, electoral systems, voting behaviour and pressure groups. 
  • UK Government – the constitution, parliament, executive, judiciary and devolution. 
  • Political ideas – liberalism, conservatism, socialism, nationalism 
  • American politics – US Constitution, Congress, presidency, Supreme Court, civil rights, democracy and participation and comparative theories 

In gaining an understanding of the topics above, students will also acquire skills of analysis, evaluation and a shared passion for debating current affairs. The classroom is supplemented by an extensive co-curricular programme, including an active Politics society, visits to Parliament and talks by eminent speakers. 

A-Level Politics combines well with A level History, Economics or English. It is ideal if you’re considering studying Politics, PPE, Sociology, Ethics, Advertising or Journalism at university and is highly regarded by employers in industries including politics, international organisations, the media, government and the civil service.