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Mindfulness at RGS

Mental health management is key to student development

September 2018 will see the third year of .b mindfulness being taught to boys at RGS. This is a curriculum designed by a charity called MISP who train teachers to deliver secular mindfulness to pupils. We feel MiSP provide our boys with the best strategies to prepare for and cope with the mental stresses and strains of their teenage years. Many of our boys use these tools time and time again, and will always have them.

In 2018/19 RGS will offer mindfulness in the following ways:

  • Year 8 and 10 lessons within PSHE, providing key skills for each specific age group.
  • 6th Form Course: An 8 week course in MBCT beginning 1/10 from 4-5.30pm. For info or to register, email
  • Summer Term 8 Week Parent Course: Alleviate stress and anxiety, promote your own well-being, enhance resilience and performance. Register your interest or ask for info:

If you are interested in Mindfulness and would like to learn more about this subject, please see the research below or contact us at the address above




A collection of BBC audio recordings about mindfulness. Some are sceptical and raise good questions.


BBC: World Mental Health Day: What is mindfulness?


To find out more about the Mindfulness in Schools Project:


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