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Mathematics & Further Mathematics


The Mathematics department at the RGS is committed to fostering academic growth among students by igniting their curiosity and passion for mathematics. This dedication is embodied by our enthusiastic and knowledgeable teaching staff. As a result, mathematics has emerged as the most popular A-level choice among our students.

Moreover, Further Mathematics stands as a highly sought-after option for our top-performing academic students. We consistently have over 70 Sixth form students pursue the double Mathematics award. Many of our graduates continue their mathematical journey by pursuing degrees in Mathematics and related fields at prestigious universities.

With a team of 12 dedicated members, the RGS Mathematics department takes immense pride in its exceptional examination results, consistently ranking as one of the top-performing local Grammar schools in both Mathematics and Further Mathematics. The impressive outcomes are further highlighted by the substantial number of students choosing to study Mathematics A-level—over 150 students in Year 12 alone. This demonstrates the enduring popularity of Mathematics as a subject at RGS, stemming from our consistently successful GCSE and A-level results.

To showcase their problem-solving prowess, our students regularly participate in the UKMT Maths Challenges. We witness an overwhelming response, with over 650 entries across Junior, Intermediate, and Senior levels. Many of our students progress to the Kangaroo and Olympiad rounds. To develop a culture of enthusiasm and inclusivity, the Mathematics department has appointed 8 dedicated Maths Subject Ambassadors. These Year 13 students, who apply for the role, actively promote Mathematics within RGS and inspire students of all abilities.

A Level

Mathematics at RGS is an immensely popular subject that provides students with a comprehensive understanding of algebra, calculus, and their applications in various disciplines beyond school. The course enhances students' logical thinking, mathematical reasoning, problem-solving abilities, and their appreciation for the real-world relevance of mathematics through modelling. The new Mathematics A-level curriculum places significant emphasis on mathematical modelling, proof and reasoning.

The Mathematics A-Level course encompasses Pure, Mechanics, and Statistics components, all of which are assessed at the end of Year 13. Students will undertake three 2-hour exam papers (2 Pure and 1 Applied), each worth 100 marks. Calculators are permitted for all three exam papers, and there is no coursework requirement.

Further Mathematics

Further Mathematics is a natural choice for many of our Mathematics students, with a consistent enrolment of over 40 students in Year 12. This course provides a solid foundation for further studies in Mathematics and other disciplines that extensively employ mathematical skills.

The Further Mathematics A-level curriculum at RGS includes Core Pure, Further Pure, and Further Mechanics components; all of which are assessed at the end of Year 13 where students will sit four 90-minute exam papers, with each paper valued at 75 marks. Calculators are allowed for all four exam papers, and coursework is not required.