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School Life

MADE Co-Curricular Activities

For anyone interested in performing arts, literature, and open mic discussion.

Open to Year 11 Fine Art and Graphics pupils. This teacher-led session helps support the current GCSE course. The additional time enables the boys to take a rigorous and explorative approach to their sustained body of work. 

ART CLUB (Junior)
Open to Years 7–9, the Junior Art and Film Club is an opportunity for boys to create exciting and engaging pieces of work inspired by film and fantasy. Led by our Subject Ambassadors, boys will get access to a large range of art materials and support. 

Every Tuesday lunchtime in Art 2 the Art department (Led by our Year 13 Subject Ambassadors) will be running the Art Industries Club. This club is aimed at giving RGS students an Idea of how art is used in many major industries such as the film and television industry and the video game industry. The club will focus on a narrative workshop where students learn about and employ, character design, prop design, creature design, environment and vehicle design. Hopefully this will give students and idea of how art is used in these industries and improve their artist capability.

This club is a self-directed club. If you love creating your own art and simply have no space or opportunity to do so, come along to Art 2 to relax and create. The art equipment will be at your disposal. You can also use this opportunity to complete your art homework if it is easier to do this at school than at home.

 Sometimes focussing on a theme, join to play the game where you create as many words in a grid as possible. Fun, non-competitive and friendly – staff are welcome too

Open to all year groups, we will read and discuss all types of books that are available in the library – including non-fiction and specific genres such as horror, science-fiction and manga. We will be also shadowing the book awards such as the Carnegie Awards, the Booker Prize and the Waterstones YA Book Prize. A friendly informal club run by the librarian and the library Ambassadors, this is for both keen and reluctant readers – join up to get involved and become a RGS reading champion! 

The Music Department will send out details of each ensemble/band as and when the rehearsals are ready to begin each term. Students will be contacted directly, but if any student has a specific request to join an ensemble, then they are welcome to speak to the Music Department.