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Sixth Form

Introducing our Senior Prefect Team

The Senior Prefect team would like to congratulate and welcome all of you who are joining or returning to the RGS. We are a team of 12 students who strive to make your time at school enjoyable and ensure you can follow your passions. Sixth Form life is a significant change from year 11 as, for the first time, your education is in your hands. You are now in control of how you spend your time at school during private study sessions and the onus is on you to ensure you are on top of your subjects. However, Sixth Form is also a huge opportunity to express yourself in the vast array of activities offered at the school: from sports to the Medical Society, from music to Interact Club, we would really urge you to use this year to stand out by following your interests.

Year 12 is also a time when you will be given the opportunity of applying for leadership positions in the school and there are numerous prefect posts which you can apply for. This is the chance for you to show your best qualities and demonstrate how you will make a positive difference to the school. As the Senior Prefect Team, our role is to provide the communication link between the senior staff and the student body, ensuring that your views are heard, and your ideas are put into action.

After two years of various lockdowns, one of our main goals is to assist the school in returning to normality as much as we can. Music, sports, and parent events are crucial to the school’s cohesion, and we want to help bring a sense of community back to the RGS. Above all, enjoy this time and make sure you take advantage of this great school and all it has to offer.

Our Senior Prefect Team

Abhay Kaura

I am studying Maths, Further Maths, Economics and Design & Technology with the hope of studying engineering at university. I enjoy playing golf in my spare time and you can find me outside the School House area or the canteen.


Hassan A Ahmed

I am currently studying Biology, Chemistry, Maths and Psychology with the hopes of pursuing medicine at university. I am the mental health ambassador in our Senior Prefect team and enjoy public speaking in my spare time. You can find me for the most part in and around the Science block or the Junior block. 


Gianni Austin

Studying Maths, Physics and Design & Technology, I want to study Engineering at university. I’m an entrepreneur at heart and I manage a Young Enterprise company; I also run the Science Symposiums on Wednesday lunchtimes. You can usually find me on the Physics floor of the Science Block


Charlie Rose

I am studying History, English, and Music with the hope of pursuing music at university. Within school, I’m involved in the music department, and most of my free time is spent doing some form of musical activity! However, I also enjoy playing as much rugby as I can for the school. You can usually find me around the music rooms or sports department.


Reda Al Zarrad

I’m studying Maths, History and Politics with the hope of pursuing Law at university. I’m interested not only in public speaking and debating but also nurturing others to excel in these. You can usually find me either in the library or the top floor of the Main block.


Tom Aston

I'm studying Maths, Physics and Economics with the hope of doing Business and Economics at university. I play a bit of hockey, and I'm a musician who plays both the trumpet and the drum kit. If you want to find me, I'll be in and around the Music block.


Rory D Clark

I enjoy taking part in lots of the school’s extra-curricular activities, particularly taking part in the rugby, music, and drama offered by the school. Although I am currently studying Maths, Further Maths, History, and Physics, you can usually find me around the Music block.


Alexander Mill

I am studying Maths, Physics, History and Economics with the hope of studying history at university. I enjoy playing hockey for the school and taking part in the school’s cadet program as well as playing the cello in my spare time. You can usually find me around the Main block or Maths block.


Calum P Melville

I’m taking German, Politics and Geography A Levels with the intention of studying international Relations at university or training to become a commercial airline pilot. I am currently a corporal in the RAF cadets. I’m a keen skier and I enjoy going to the gym. You can find me in the gym at lunchtimes.


Laurence J Gawne

I'm studying English, French, and Ancient History with the hope of studying English Literature at university. I’m a part of the cross-country, athletics, and tennis teams and you can find me in the Main block. 


Alasdair W King

I’m studying History, English and Geography at A-Level, with the hope of studying History at university. I play the trumpet and love doing music, and I also help lead the stage team. As such, you can usually find me in the Hall or the Music department.


Charlie O Marsh

I am studying Maths, Further Maths, Physics, and Economics with the hope of studying Mechanical Engineering at University. I am passionate about rowing and F1. You will find me in the Science block.