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The RGS History Department nurtures academic talent. Our students are trained to think critically, debate confidently and write fluently. At A Level students learn about the British experience of warfare from Napoleonic times to World War One, Russian history under the Communists, the experience of China under Mao and the historical debates surrounding the Holocaust.  The classroom is supplemented by an extensive co-curricular programme, including an active Historical Society and a wide range of trips, both in this country and abroad. In recent years our history students have visited Normandy, the WWI trenches, Berlin, Krakow, Auschwitz, Istanbul and Gallipoli.   

Many who study A Level History go on to study History at university or new subjects. Law is a particularly popular option, as well as Politics, International Relations or Archaeology. As a result, students with a history background can be found working as lawyers, civil servants, merchant bankers, publishers, teachers, museum curators, production managers, journalists, computer programmers, advertising specialists, website consultants and so on. Aspiring medics at RGS have often selected History as their fourth option and greatly benefited from the chance to develop their extended writing skills. The strong analytical training history provides really does ensure the opportunities are rich and varied.