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Graphic Communication


The aims of the Art and Design department are to develop:

  • Creative and imaginative ability and the practical skills for engaging with, and for communicating and expressing, original ideas, feelings and meanings in Art & Design.
  • Investigative, analytical, experimental and interpretative capabilities, aesthetic understanding and critical and enquiring minds, with increasing independence.
  • Cultural knowledge and understanding of Art and Design and of the media and technologies used in different times, contexts and societies.
  • Personal attributes including self-confidence, resilience, perseverance, self-discipline and commitment and contribute to the process of the students’ wider moral, ethical and cultural development.

Regular trips to London’s art galleries help to inspire and enrich our pupils’ creative development, and there are regular displays of work around the school as well as our Virtual Art & Design Exhibition.


We offer two Art GCSE’s at RGS, Fine Art, and Graphic Communication. The two-year course is made up of 60% Coursework and 40% Exam. Both Specifications encourage the boys to use the foundation of KS3 to develop their ideas and skills further. In Graphics they are introduced to Adobe Photoshop. The encouragement to develop their cognitive skills helps the boys create dynamic and exceptional outcomes that reflect the diverse nature of the subject.

The coursework consists of two projects. Each unit of work includes a visual journey of ideas, research, and experimentation. Work is recorded predominantly in a sketchbook or digital sketchbook and accompanied by one or two resolved final outcomes. The structure of the exam is similar in nature, with a sketchbook produced over 10 weeks accompanied with a final piece created in exam conditions over a two-day period.

We offer extra support sessions throughout the course. Our Artist in Residence gives additional support to all the boys working in 3D.