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Fundraising & Our Communities

RGS is proud to receive the support of an active parental and local community, who raise funds for the School and organise events.

At RGS our pupils will find a body of support to help them succeed within their chosen field. Donating to a discipline close to your heart be it sports, science or the arts, will ensure that we can continue to offer these facilities to our pupils in the future.

We are delighted to be supported by the following parental groups:

  • The Parents’ Association
  • Friends of Cricket
  • Friends of Fencing
  • Friends of Hockey
  • Friends of Music
  • Friends of Rowing
  • Friends of Rugby

The ‘Friends of …’ Groups

They have their own committees and funding preferences. They hold events but also ask for subscriptions that entitle a family membership of that particular group. The funds raised pay for school equipment, tours, training and other valuable items that would otherwise be unavailable to the boys.