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The RGSHW appreciates your support; we are, together, working to provide your sons with the best all-round education that we can. 

The Annual Fund contributes to all subjects, sports and activities, supporting their budgets and the projects that your sons benefit from.:

  • Minibus fuel to take the boys to and from all off-site activities
  • Amoeba Proteii for Biology
  • ICT maintenance and equipment
  • Crumble Kits for Design & Technology

Following year-on-year government budget cuts to education, we have had to make significant reductions in school expenditure.  Over 80% of our government income is spent on salaries for staff as well as everyday running costs. To ensure that government income cuts do not impact the education we offer our boys, we rely on your support.


Just £25 per month, per pupil, would raise £72,000 with Gift Aid for the year group. This level of funding would ensure all departments and activities could continue into the future.

Regular giving schemes such as the Annual Fund help with our month-by-month cashflow, ensuring that department needs are met as they arise.