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The Modern Languages Department firmly believes that learning a language is a core life skill. High quality teaching and learning is enhanced with an international dimension that continuously contextualises students’ learning. All our students have the opportunity to experience other cultures and in this context fulfil their academic, social and personal potential. Pupils learn languages in a creative and stimulating environment in which they feel confident to take risks and succeed. 20-30 boys go on to study A-level French each year. 

A level French is a dynamic and challenging subject which not only enables you to enhance your language skills, but also gives you a real taste for the modern day French-speaking world and all aspects of its diverse and enthralling culture.

At A level you will build on the skills you mastered at GCSE and take them to the next level. You will also develop new skills that will support you in becoming an independent learner, ready to take on and overcome any challenge. A level French empowers you to develop your speaking and reading skills so that you can discuss the culture, the current trends, and the political life and issues of French-speaking societies across the globe. Immigration and multiculturalism, the changing nature of the family in modern French society, and contemporary French music and cinema are all among the topics we explore over the two-year course.

As well as this, you will enhance your ability to understand complex and sophisticated texts and advance your listening skills and overall knowledge of grammar. You will study films and great works of French literature by writers such as Voltaire, Moliere and Camus that play an important part in the rich culture and history of France. Beyond the syllabus, the French department run a French cinema club and our students also regularly enter university essay and translation competitions.