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School Life

Fitness Suite

The Athletic Development programme at RGS is designed to introduce the pupils to the Fundamental movement patterns so that they are better able to then cope with the everchanging technical and tactical situations that they face within the chaos of their sport.

Gaining more control of their body will intuitively allow them to direct more attention to the skill aspect of what they are doing, as they are directing less time to the organisation of the physical movements required. 

Our philosophy is based around movement – being able to control your body and adjust and adapt movement to the ever changing constraints of the environment and opposition. This is what enables performers to prevail in the dynamic context of sport.

Sport is generally played on your feet and as such moving with control, speed, changing direction and being agile are highly prized commodities. This is where we focus our time. Our programme is weighted heavily in this direction and the sessions will always bias in this way.

We will also introduce strength training within this but in a way which values and promotes movement efficiency and competency above anything else – we are not interested in the numbers that boys can lift in the gym. Strength is an important quality but sits below speed, power, aerobic fitness and most importantly athleticism, which has a far more valuable long term carry over into performance, robustness and the likelihood to reduce the propensity to injury.