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School Life


Welcome to Fencing at The Royal Grammar School High Wycombe.  RGS has a long and distinguished history within the sport of fencing.  Throughout the year there are regular fencing match fixtures at home and away against the likes of Harrow School, Winchester School and Marborough College amongst others.  In addition a RGS Squad attends the three day Public Schools Fencing Championships at Crystal Palace every year.  

Why Fence?

Fencing can often be seen as a "sport for one" and whilst it may be true that it is an individual sport, the skills and mindset a fencer can achieve is very much that of community spirit.

The transferable skills a fencer learns gives them independence of mind; self esteem and self confidence.  This affords better personal interactivity and the ability to mix with a wide range of people.  

Fencing is a growing sport.  It looks great on your university applications and is often a sport that enables you to foster community links.  RGS fencers have the opportunity to coach younger age groups at other schools 

The School is fortunate enough to have three professional Fencing Coaches running three different sessions every week in the Sports Hall.  

Wednesdays Sessions

These are from 3.45pm to 5.15pm and are open to Year 8 and 9 boys new to fencing. Year 7s with previous fencing experience will be considered.  Seniors are selected to attend this session.  The session coach is Jenny Douglas. 

Thursday Sessions

The after school club runs from 3.45pm to 5.15pm. This is aimed at Year 9 and above, but all experienced intermediate fencers are welcome.  Club session coaches are Harry Jones and Jacky Faulkner.   

All of the RGS Coaches are experienced and qualified to teach the three weapons Foil, Epee and Sabre. Boys are usually encouraged to start with foil as there are a greater number of Foil events on the fencing calendar and the technique and tactics of foil are the best common denominator for the three weapons. Boys are also encouraged to compete in County, Regional and National Competitions. Several regularly attend England Youth Development Training Days and over the years a number of our boys have been selected for GB teams or to referee at international level.