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England rugby player Billy Vunipola, leading Sports Psychologists & Nutritionists working with top football and rugby clubs. Browse our free streaming programme!

RGSHW and Areté Performance are delighted to be able to host a series of webinars over the next four weeks, touching on a range of topics for all young athletes and supporting parents.

Webinar 1, Wednesday 10th June, 6pm - My Journey (Billy Vunipola)

Billy Vunipola is one of the world’s leading rugby players and a mainstay of the England rugby team. Billy is going to join us to discuss his journey from an aspiring young player to a seasoned world class performer. The evening will be hosted by ‘7th Heaven' podcast host, Joe Burns, and you will have the opportunity to ask Billy questions on his journey in sport. We have no doubt this will be a very entertaining evening and help provide the young players with a valuable insight into the journey of a professional sportsperson.

Webinar 2, Thursday 18th June, 6pm  - Supporting the young athlete Part 1 (Jess Thom)

This workshop aims to give you insight into the fundamental differences between adult and adolescent brains and the important impact that these have on perception and behaviours. We will start to look at how adolescence is a period of opportunity and how sport can be used as a vehicle to develop core skills for overall performance and well-being.

Webinar 3, Wednesday 24th June, 6pm - Supporting the young athlete Part 2 (Jess Thom)

The second workshop will focus on how we can best support adolescents from a parental perspective. We will look at some practical strategies that can be used to maximise adolescent potential and development.

Jess Thom BSc MSc CPsychol is an HCPC registered chartered sport and performance psychologist and the founder of mind for performance. Jess has worked with athletes from as young as eight-years-old to adult professionals, competing internationally in an array of different elite sports.

As well as supporting individual athletes, Jess has worked with professional teams including Wasps Rugby, Southampton and Bristol City Football Club, Welsh lacrosse and the British Olympic Bobsleigh team.

She currently works at the Sport Scotland Institute of Sport with the majority of her time being split between the British Olympic Shooting and the GB National Tennis Academy in Stirling. Alongside her work in sport, Jess runs her own consultancy (Mind for Performance) and delivers corporate workshops, executive coaching and one-to-one sessions with individuals who wish to improve their performance and quality of life.

Webinar 4, Wednesday 1st July, 6pm - Fuelling Performance (Dr. Andreas Kasper)

Dr. Andreas Kasper is one of the leading nutrition practitioners in the country, working with multiple teams and athletes to ensure their optimally prepared to succeed in their chosen field. He is currently working with Chelsea FC, Fulham FC, England Rugby Union and England Rugby League. The webinar will be designed to help you understand the needs of the developing athlete and provide you with nutritional guidelines to help you support your child’s growth and maturation. He will also be able to answer any questions you may have around supplements and any other nutritional strategies.

Please join us!

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