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This page provides the most up-to-date guidance and Covid related materials from the RGSHW

Relevant Government Guidance


Stay at home: guidance for households with possible or confirmed coronavirus

How to get a test

Guidance for contacts of people with possible or confirmed coronavirus

Covid Testing

Record your result here. Please ensure that your results are recorded each Sunday and Wednesday evening.

How to do your test

COVID-19 Testing Privacy Statement

COVID-19 Home Testing Privacy Statement

Data Protection FAQs for Parents

Academic support

During these times we will continue to provide a broad and balanced curriculum. We will ensure that those students who need to self-isolate will still be able to access their learning. Work will be posted on Teams/VLE within 24 hours of a lesson. We expect students to submit all work by the required deadline unless of course, they are too unwell to work. We would encourage students with any academic concerns to be proactive and seek guidance from their subject staff. If a staff member needs to self-isolate, they are expected (if well) to deliver their lessons via Teams/VLE to the students in school. There is an expectation that the lessons will have an interactive element, this could include a live lesson, podcast, audio powerpoint, quizzes, responding or conversing in posts. All students are required to bring in headphones to cater for this eventuality.

If parents have any concerns about the academic progress of their son please do contact the Form Tutor in the first instance.


Wellbeing support

We are aware of the additional strain that students and their families have faced since March. This can at times become overwhelming for us all. Our pastoral care for our students is more important than ever during these times. We are fortunate to have a very experienced student development team ready to support students with any concerns they may have. Should your son have any worries or concerns, no matter how big or small please get in contact with his Form Tutor in the first instance or any other trusted member of staff. We are here to support.

Risks Assessments, Policies and Contact Details

RGS Covid Risk Assessment - School

Addendum to Behaviour Policy

Addendum to Acceptable Use of ICT – Remote Learning Policy

Isolation Procedures

Supporting Students with Medical Needs

Contact details for concerns – RGS -



RGS HW Headmaster


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