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School Life

Co-Curricular & Trips

Outstanding Co-curricular Opportunities

A breadth of co-curricular opportunity, unparalleled in the state sector, is one of the ways we promote the balance so critical to personal growth, enabling us to draw out talent wherever it lies. 

The School offers over 75 societies, clubs, games, sports and activities for boys.  These cater for a wide range of interests and all our boys are encouraged to participate in any that they are interested in, regardless of their previous experience.


RGS boys are encouraged to participate in trips throughout their time at the school.  Some of these trips are an important part of academic courses and occur during term time, but many are optional trips during the school holidays.  It is our belief that each trip provides a valuable experience that will help boys develop essential skills; confidence, empathy, self-sufficiency, patience, to name but a few.
We run approximately 50 trips each academic year, ranging from a one day trip to Tate Britain for Year 10 Art Students, to a three day Buxton World Challenge trip for Year 7s, to a 24 day trip to Tanzania for Years 11, 12 and 13.  We strive to offer as wide a range of opportunities as is possible, including CCF and D of E trips, encouraging RGS students to become confident, self-sufficient young men.