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School Life

Co-Curricular & Trips

Co-curricular learning upholds its position as a pillar of the RGS ethos: to develop worldly-wise, self-assured high achievers through an exceptional all-round education. 

A breadth of co-curricular opportunity, unparalleled in the state sector, is one of the ways we promote the balance so critical to personal growth, enabling us to draw out talent and develop character wherever it lies. We strongly believe that education takes place as much beyond the classroom as in it. This type of experiential learning is one of the most empowering, life-altering forms possible. The School is also active in addressing its ethical responsibilities regarding co-curricular opportunities, being aware of our impact on the landscapes and communities we visit. We aim to ensure all students minimise their negative social, economic and environmental impact as well as being aware of how both the school and their choices affect the global community.

RGSHW runs over 100 trips each academic year, ranging from a one-day trip to Tate Britain for Year 10 Art students, two-day adventure activities and team building trips for Years 7, 8 and 9, remote mountain expeditions for Years 11, 12 and 13, Junior and Senior Ski tours, as well as academic visits to Vienna, CERN & Portsmouth amongst others. We strive to offer a wide a range of opportunities and RGS students are encouraged to participate in trips throughout their time at the school. These trips are an important part of academic courses and some occur during term time. There are also optional trips during the school holidays. It is our belief that each trip provides a valuable experience that will help students develop essential skills such as confidence, empathy and self-sufficiency as well as embracing the school values of Respect, Integrity and Aspiration.

The School is firm in its belief that these opportunities must be accessible to all students; as such we undertake to support families when additional funding is required. This additional funding is offered on all activities.

The School offers over 60 societies, clubs, games, sports and activities. These cater for a wide range of interests and all students are encouraged to participate in any that they are interested in, regardless of their previous experience.