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Art and Design

Art and Design is an incredibly broad and exciting A Level which emulates the richness and variety of the Creative Industry through its openness and research-focused approach. The course encapsulates a range of subjects that share the common ground of creativity, expression, function and composition. In essence, this includes: the fine arts (painting, printmaking, sculpture, installation); computer-aided design or visual communication through print and animation; and three-dimensional design. There are also many specialist fields including photography, public art, film and TV. The course encourages students to explore and resolve findings of their own devising, and conduct a Personal Investigation. In the process, they acquire a broad range of subject knowledge and draw on disciplines such as mathematics, science, engineering, computing and DT.

The A Level course follows the AQA exam board specification. Assessment is 60% coursework and 40% examination. Students are supported by regular one to one tutorials and additional support from our Artist in Residence. Through his technical expertise, the students’ outcomes are even more exceptional, varied and dynamic. Throughout the course the boys build resilience, learn to think laterally, take risks, and produce high-quality art. These are transferrable skills, often sought after by universities. We are fortunate enough to have a number of visiting speakers, ranging from experts in fields as diverse as architecture to animation. Our students understand how Art makes an essential contribution to the creativity, culture, wealth, and well-being of the nation, and they often choose to follow their artistic passions into higher education.