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Academic Achievement in Boarding

Over the past decade, we are exceptionally proud that our boarders have outperformed the day students at RGS by between 5-15%. We have developed a culture whereby striving to achieve one’s potential (whatever that may be) is one of the key elements to boarding life.

Personally, I believe that staff and the boarders have created an atmosphere where students value academic success and realise that hard work is the best way to achieve this. It is so encouraging that as our boys get closer to GCSE and A level exams to see how focussed they become without losing that sense of humour and still managing to fit other important aspects of life such as exercise or downtime. We are immensely proud of the boarders’ results and the reasons why we believe they have been so successful is multifaceted.

Academic Mentoring – We run a mentoring programme led by our ablest A level students many of which may be applying to Oxbridge themselves. We also have students in Year 7 & 8 helping one another and this whole collaborative approach is one of the reasons the boarders are so successful.

Set study times – The students have clear set study times within boarding therefore homework and prep just becomes part of the routine.

Supervised Homework – Our Boarders all start off in a fully supervised prep session with a Housemaster. Once they show that they can cope with independent study they work in their own rooms under the supervision of a boarding tutor and House prefects.

Academic Staff – We have a number of Academic staff working within the boarding environment; there are nine highly qualified staff, which include two Heads of Department, and we often have key revision sessions led by a Head of Department the evening before key exams.

Celebrating Academic success – We do not shy away from academic success and we want to celebrate the achievements of our boarders. Those who work hard are often rewarded with ‘boarder of the week.’ We start the year celebrating those who are returning with exceptional GCSE results.

High Aspirations for all – If you have great role models within the house, who have high aspirations, have achieved exceptional GCSE results and are applying to some of the top universities in the world, this leads to other students wanting to follow in the footsteps of those that have gone before them.

Jon Scourfield, Head of Boarding

RGS Boarding 2020/21 Year 13 A Level Results

Grade Boarding
A* 34%
A*A 75%
A*-B 97%

A*A*A*A* (Computer Science, Cambridge), A*A*A*A(Engineering, Imperial) A*A*A A* EPQ (Gap year), AAA A* EPQ (Bus Management, Edinburgh), A*AB (Geography with Economics, Loughborough) A*AB (Gap Year) AAB (Lancaster, Law), ABB(Earth Sciences, Durham), AAA (History and International Politics, Leeds ) BBC (Nottingham Trent, Business Management)

RGS Boarding 2019/20 Year 13 A Level Results

Grade Boarding
A* 26%
A*A 67%
A*-B 88%

A*A*A* (Durham, Economics) A*AA(Biochemistry, Leeds) A*AAB (Biology, Imperial) A*AB (Bath, Economics) BCD (Aston, Business Management) A*A*AA (Economics, UCL) AAB (Exeter, Business Management) A*A*A (Gap year, then Veterinary Science) AAAC (International Business, Prague) ACC (Gap year New Zealand Sport Coaching, Cardiff) BBB (Leeds,Biology), AAA (Gap year, then International Relations, Exeter). A*AB (Gap year degree alongside Army)

RGS Boarding and School 2018/19 Year 13 A Level Results

It is exceptional for the eleventh year in a row that the Boarders at RGSHW have outperformed the day students in both GCSE and A Levels. The school results are excellent and place RGS in the top echelon of Secondary schools. However, the 2018-19 Boarders, due to their hard work and the support network offered have produced stunning results.

Grade RGS Boarding
A* 19% 31%
A*A 46% 59%
A*-B 73% 97%

A*A*A*  Imperial, Physics), A*A*A*(Gap year), A*AA (Durham, Business & Management), A*AB (Nottingham, Law), AABB (St Georges, Medicine), BBC (Queens Belfast, Software& Electrical Systems Engineering) AAB (Exeter, Law) A*ABB (Architecture, Sheffield) BCD (Brunel, Bus & Management) 

RGS Boarding and School 2017/18 Year 13 A Level Results

Grade RGS Boarding
A*A 48% 49%
A*-B 74% 85%

A*A*A* (Imperial, Engineering), A*A*AA (UCL, Pharmacology), A*A*A (Exeter, Law) A*AA (UCL, Civil Engineering) A*AB (Gap year – Digital Technology Consultancy) AAB (Birmingham, Biomedical Sciences), AAB (Leeds, Maths and Finance), AAB (Manchester, Economics), AABB (City University of Hong Kong, Law), ABB (Manchester, Biology), ABB (Nottingham, Law), ABC, (gap year) BBB (SOAS, Anthropology), BCC (Royal Veterinary College, Bio-Veterinary Sciences), CCD (Royal Holloway, Economics)