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The RGS is highly acclaimed for its outstanding academic results. In addition, we encourage pupils to develop their own interests and achieve far more than just examination success.

  • Last year’s year 11 took IGCSE in English Literature – this did not count in the Progress 8 score. This means that a ‘double weighted’ qualification taken by 200 boys is missing from the calculation.
  • We achieved excellent GCSE results last  year with 73% at grades 9-7, the highest of any local Boys’ grammar school, the best for many years and in the top 50 of the ‘raw score’ league tables
  • If IGCSE had counted our Progress 8 score would be 1.02. See where that would have put us in the BASS (Boys’ Academic Selective Schools) table below. There are 26 schools in this group
  • IGCSE is a common qualification favoured by independent schools,  but that sector does not need to worry about the state school league tables.  We have been phasing out IGCSE and in 2019 all boys will sit conventional, state school GCSE qualifications.
  • Much as we would prefer departments to choose the qualifications which suit their students, it’s clear that we want to be in our rightful place in the tables!
2018 P8
Queen Elizabeth's Barnet 1.22
Wilson's 1.03
RGS High Wycombe 1.02
Reading 0.98
Tiffin 0.98
St Olave’s Grammar School 0.93

The RGS score is a calculation, had our students gained the same grades in GCSE equivalent of the IGCSE

The curriculum ensures breadth and depth, allowing boys to experience diversity as well as being able to specialise in their strengths. Languages, the Humanities, Mathematics, the Sciences, the Creative and Performing Arts and numerous sports and activities are all part of the curriculum, within which boys are able to develop skills which see them well equipped for life beyond the RGS.

The many opportunities to excel, both within and beyond the classroom, provide an environment in which every individual can develop his talents to the full.

If you would like more information about the curriculum at the Royal Grammar School, please contact the Assistant Head (Curriculum) by email (

"The school ethos encourages maximum effort and places a strong emphasis on developing well-rounded, confident and questioning students who have a desire to develop and use their skills and knowledge."