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Sixth Form

A Day In The Life of a Sixth Former

The RGS is not just an academic institution, it is a school where the whole student is recognised and nurtured.  The following account is an average day in my life, I am a normal Sixth Form student.

Any day begins with tutor time when I, and my peer group, are informed of important notices for the coming day/s and when we can also speak to our tutors regarding UCAS and general advice. This is followed by daily assembly when a speaker will deliver a talk on a unique message, be it to motivate or recognise students for outstanding achievements, or even to raise awareness for a charity; assembly is an easy start to the day and allows me to prepare for the coming day.

The first of eight periods begins at 9:10 am; our lessons vary from day to day depending on chosen subjects, my favourite day is Thursday which begins with double Private Study.  In Year 12 this is taken in the Upper Library and is under supervision; this helps everyone to stay focused and independently do homework, catch up on notes or do extra reading in their subjects.   Year Thirteen students are given the option to study wherever they like without supervision but this is usually in the Mezzanine where group study can be conducted.  My Thursday continues with Double Geography with Mrs Gazard where we are currently studying global power dynamics, the area in which I want to build my career. This is followed by Break Time which starts at 11:40, I usually go to 6th Form Area in the canteen to eat with friends for half an hour or do some administration. Period 5 and 6 for me are Economics, a subject that comes easily to me as it is paired well with the human side of Geography and I find it especially interesting to see to the knock on effects of events/political decisions from different view points.

Finally on Thursday is Thursday Afternoon Activity where you can do any activity (non-academic) that the School offers; these  range broadly from Fencing to the Combined Cadet Force.  I became a member of the Rowing Squad and was able to complete at a National level .

The RGSHW has offered me a wide range of opportunities, next year I will be a Sixth Form Prefect, allowing me to develop further my leadership and teamwork skills.  The School has been more than just a school for me; it has supported me as I have developed both my academic and my personal skill set.