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New, The Corporate Journal - What they don't teach you in class!

Critical thinking. Always with a reverence for facts.

Mac Jarvis and Vedanth Murikinati, co-founders of The Corporate Journal, set out to deliver a journal written by students about fields of research they were particularly interested in, whether within industry or real-world applications of theory.

The broad interests across the contributors, combined with healthy debate and a breadth of perspectives, have brought diversity to the articles, which include; Blue Humans, The Fermi Paradox and Exploring the Universe on Autopilot, are to name but a few.

"The aim of the Corporate Journal is to reflect progress, in how we deliver our content on its digital platform, as well as encourage an ambitious and inquisitive editorial style. New ideas are the lifeblood of The Corporate Journal," explained Mac. 

Vedanth added, "It aims to provide a platform for students to demonstrate their expertise on a topic that may lie outside the curriculum. Writers are welcome from all year groups and their articles will be published on the website. The Corporate Journal Team are excited to launch this new journal, and we hope our readers enjoy the articles. "