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History of RGS High Wycombe and Lycée International Victor Hugo

Lise, Natalia and Noé have been taking part in the 2020 Toulouse  French Exchange. They have been using their expertise to search through RGS archives to share with you a history of the Toulouse Exchange and their thoughts and feelings.

RGS High Wycombe and the Lycée International Victor Hugo first started to do this exchange in 1998. At first, the exchange was for one month and now it has reduced to ten days. Despite the shorter stay, there are still a lot of activities done on both sides.

Basic information :



High Wycombe


38,951 in 2017

 125,257 in 2015


20.83 km²

65.15 km²




High Wycombe :

High Wycombe, often referred to as Wycombe is a large town in Buckinghamshire, England. Wycombe is a combination of an industrial and market town, with a traditional emphasis on furniture production. There has been a market held in the High Street since at least the Middle Ages.

Usually, students from Colomiers, who come to High Wycombe go to London and sometimes Oxford. They might go to a football match to support Wycombe Wanderers. They also  stay with their host family to enjoy cultural differences.


Colomiers is a French commune located in the department of Haute-Garonne, in the Occitanie region. It is located in the suburbs of Toulouse, west of the city. It is the second municipality in the department for its number of inhabitants. Not all the exchanges come from Colomiers obviously. It has also many activities, for example they can go to Toulouse, the can go support a rugby match (in Colomiers, rugby is famous). Also, if the weather is not too bad they can decide to go to the swimming pool of Colomiers.

This exchange was started 22 years ago, it gives the opportunity to discover a new culture and to get out of our comfort zone. French exchanges have confirmed this by saying all the time: “it’s really different from France”.

We hope it will continue for many years.