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Sport: Summer Highlights ..... and there are many!

Nelson Mandela said, “Sport has the power to change the world. It has the power to inspire. It has the power to unite people in a way that little else does.” We think so too.

Our purpose is to strive to create an environment that: 
Supports and nurtures all students to develop a high sense of self-worth, and the character to contribute positively to society.  

Supports and nurtures all students to develop the motivation, confidence, and competence to thrive through a healthy and physically active lifestyle.  

In January, we launched our new SOCS co-curricular platform. This has allowed your son to sign up for and experience different sports and physical activity clubs throughout the term.

The data for this academic year would suggest 80% of students in Year 7-10 have participated in one or more of our Tiers of Sport. We aspire to increase this figure and the physical activity levels for all our students. This will be supported by inspiring Physical Education and Games lessons as well as our inclusive and varied co-curricular timetable that is carefully planned in line with our three Tiers of Sport and Physical Activity programme. The Physical Education staff will continue to encourage all students to attend at least one co-curricular sport or physical activity of their choice each week.

Below you wil see a snapshot of some of the additional sporting activities our students have experienced during Term 3, in addition to our Rugby, Hockey, Cricket, and Rowing programmes.

Please see the Half Term 1 schedule in the link below. Please only sign up for the activities you know you will attend weekly. Once signed up for a club, you will not need to sign up again until Term 2 in January 2024.

Looking ahead 
We are very much looking forward to September and the next academic year. We will be re-introducing swimming into the curriculum with the re-opening of our pool. In addition, we are looking forward to arranging more handball, badminton, and squash fixtures into our sporting calendar. We hope this will continue to support students to find a sport or physical activity they can attend and enjoy each week at RGS.

On behalf of the PE, Games and Sport Department, we thank you very much for your continued support in encouraging your son to participate in Physical Education, Physical Activity and Sport at RGS.  

Please do not hesitate to get in contact with me if there is anything you would like to share or discuss.  

Wishing you all a very happy summer holiday.   

Luke Huelin
Head of Physical Education

Sign up for these sessions will be available from Wednesday 6th September. Your son should only sign up for the activities that will be attended weekly.  Once signed up for a club, there is no need to sign up again until Term 2 in January 2024.  




Inter-House Sport

Sports Day was the major summer Inter-House sports event, which took place on Wednesday 12 July. Year 7 – 10 students competed throughout the morning in a variety of track and field events. The afternoon involved all students spectating the 100m, 200m and 4x100m relay finals from Year 7 - 12. It is pleasing to see that over 450 students competed throughout the day, with other students supporting the Media and Stage Lighting & Sound Teams. 

 Thank you to all the parents who came to school to show their support.   

The final result was extremely close, with Windsor taking a narrow win over 2022 winners St James! Well done to all competitors and our 2023 Sports Day winners Windsor!

Overall Inter-House Sport Winners

Throughout the year we have completed the following Inter-House sports events:  

  • October Half Term - Hughenden Run 
  • February - Inter-House Sport Trophy: Endurance Challenge, Badminton, Table Tennis, Football and Basketball
  • Easter - Hughenden Run 
  • Summer - Sports Day 

 When combining all results of the above competitions, the overall Inter-House Sport Winner for 2023 is St James!

Full Standings 

  • 1st - St James
  • 2nd - Windsor
  • 3rd - Buckingham
  • 4th - Balmoral
  • 5th - Sandringham
  • 6th - Kensington

Well done to all and I hope you are looking forward to another exciting competition next year!

Physical Education and Games   

Outdoor Adventure, Strike and Field, Athletics and Tennis have heavily featured this term in Physical Education and Games lessons. These activities are designed to develop the student’s teamwork, leadership and a variety of fundamental movement competencies. We truly believe developing these skills allows all students to flourish in general physical activity, sport, and many aspects of wider life.

Recreational Break, Lunchtime and After School Clubs   

Our recreational badminton, basketball and tennis sessions continue to be well attended. These sessions remain to be an inclusive opportunity for all students to enjoy spending their free time being physically active and gaining the benefits of doing so! Well done to all students who have been attending these sessions and many thanks to Mr. Hoyle and Ms. Brown for their continued hard work leading the recreational tennis club. 

In addition to our Monday after school recreational tennis sessions, we have been able to provide coaching sessions to students on Tuesday and Thursday after school. These sessions have been delivered by local tennis coaches James Hayes and Caroline Neil-Dwyer and provide the correct level of challenge and support to further develop the students' game play.   

The U13 Tennis squads have had an encouraging season with a large group of boys seizing the opportunity to represent the school. Some brought lots of experience to the team whilst others had never played a competitive match before. Those relative beginners worked hard to perfect their scoring, positioning and understanding of the game, receiving fantastic support from their peers. Whilst the overall team results did not always reflect the long-fought, closely contested matches and regular tie-breaks, all players should be commended for their commitment and determination. They have listened and utilised feedback showing a mature attitude which will help them to further develop their skills next year.

The U15A Tennis squad had an outstanding season and an impressive record, winning all but one of their matches. The U15B team also showed determination and teamwork, securing some good wins. There have been some outstanding performances from Oliver (Y10), Jack (Y10), Lewis (Y9), and John (Y9) who have been key contributors to their teams' success.    

Our U18 Tennis squad have also enjoyed fixtures against Wycombe Abbey, with all games being incredibly competitive and played in the correct spirit.

Well done to all students who have demonstrated excellent commitment and dedication to these sessions and represented RGSHW with pride.   

A huge thanks must go to Mrs. Woodbury, Mrs Waddell and Mr. Buschopp for all their hard work, and support of the tennis programme.  

With all the schools matches completed in the autumn and spring terms, the only remaining team fixture involved the old boys taking on our current squad in the annual School v OWs showdown. The seven-man OW team, consisting of Tom Rizvi, Jonathan Yeates, Harry Walden, Louis Gosling, James Warner, Ben Curtis and Sean Metcalfe, looked like they’d hardly missed a day of practice since leaving the school. They got the better of the school teams in the Foil A and B, and the Epee A and B competitions. RGS Fencing captain Sam (Y13), Ben (Y12) and Alex (Y11) both won in the Sabre but couldn’t avoid defeat overall for the School. As usual, it was a hard-fought but good-humoured match, and it was lovely to see the camaraderie and mutual respect between the two teams – a great reminder of what this sport is all about.

Outside school, Ben (Y12) continues to make impressive progress as a sabreur. He finished 5th in the Southern Region Senior Championships and then 10th at an Open competition in Exeter to climb up the national rankings. At the British Open Championships, where he was competing against adult fencers, he was eliminated from the main draw in an early round but recovered to come third in the plate.

A number of our younger fencers have also been taking part in individual competitions. Junior Fencing captain Sarim  (Y10), Alex and Kai (both Y9) all competed in the England Youth Championships at Hatfield in June. All three won matches in the group stages of the competition; Alex and Sarim qualified for the knockout rounds – an experience that will give them confidence going into future events.

Thank you to Mr Eve for his excellent commitment leading the Fencing programme for the last seven years. He has done a tremendous job in promoting the sport at RGS and encouraging students to participate and perform both for the school and external competitions. His dedication has been hugely appreciated by all staff and students and he will be missed. We are very fortunate that Mr Markham, who is joining the English department, will be the new Master in Charge of Fencing from September. He is excited to continue the good work of Mr Eve.

Following on from a successful cross-country season, the summer term marked the start of the athletics season.  

Our Junior and Inter Boys teams have taken part in a number of events throughout the term. Starting with the ESAA Cup, our Junior team finished a respectable third, whilst a second-place finish meant that our Inter team were able to progress to the Midlands B Finals where they finished an impressive first!  

Following on from the ESAA Cup, our Year 9s and 10s competed in the Wycombe District Athletic Championships. A very close competition in the Year 9 age group resulted in RGS finishing third overall, whilst our Year 10 team displayed a number of outstanding performances to finish first.  

This year RGS was invited to compete in the District league against a number of local schools. This offered a great opportunity for Year 7 - 10s to try a number of events they may not usually compete in. Our Year 7 team were successful in winning the District league – well done to all involved! 

​​Lastly, there were a number of standout performances at the County Track and Field Championships, with Alden, Torr (Y11), Caleb, Amanvir (Y10), Jakub (Year 8) and Daniyal (Y7) all finishing in the top three of their events. Following on from their performances here, and throughout the season, Alden, Torr and Isaac were selected to represent Buckinghamshire in the English Schools Track and Field Championship.  

Overall, this year has seen a number of successes for our cross-country and athletics teams, and we look to continue this into the next year. 

If your son would be interested in joining an Athletics club to continue training throughout the winter, please get in contact with Miss Caesar, 

Thank you to Miss Caesar for all her hard work this year leading the Athletics programme.

Year 11 students James and Max entered the Bucks Schools County Golf Association Championships (BSGA) during the Easter holidays at Buckingham Golf Club. After a long day out on the course, they were crowned Team winners, which was a great achievement. James’ individual performance meant he he was selected to represent Buckinghamshire at the South East Schools Championships held at Aldenham Golf Club during May Half Term. He put in a brilliant performance and represented RGS and Buckinghamshire with pride.  

Well done to James and Max for their excellent effort and performances. We will be entering this competition again next academic year. If you are a keen golfer, please keep an eye out for further information on this.  

This has been an active term for the students and pleasing to see new Year 7 students joining and enjoying the sessions.  

Julian and Teo (both Y9) deserve a mention, they have put in the hours and effort to be attempting 3kyu and 2kyu Brown belt grades this July. 

OW DART Instructor Barney has been supporting the classes since returning home from his first year at Birmingham University. The class has also had support throughout the year from other OW '22 Leavers and instructors in our external classes. This is great to see.  

Thank you to John Titchen for his continued delivery of an excellent and incredibly valuable club. 

If you would like the opportunity to join the DART Karate club, please see more information in the flyer below.

Padel Tennis
Holmer Green is currently home to the only Padel Tennis courts in Bucks and is one of the fastest growing sports in the UK. If you enjoy net and wall games, such as tennis, badminton or squash, or are keen to give a new sport a go over the summer, then please find further information below.

They are offering RGS students and families a free taster session at Holmer Green Padel, 23 & 30 July from 5.30pm. Register either on the UK Padel app, click below or contact them at

Alternatively, if you can’t make these dates but are keen to get on the padel courts they would be delighted to welcome you for a taster session another time. Please contact