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The Best Days of Your Life!

We wish our Prefects every success in their new roles.

The original, handwritten version of the RGS Prefects Meetings was found in the dusty recesses of the Bursar’s office. It records the RGS Prefects’ Meetings between 1931 and December 1933. 

Many of the entries give an amusing picture of the life at the RGS in the early 1930s so, the History Department decided to organise the publication of them. Clearly some of them are more interesting than others, but it was decided to publish them in their entirety as they gave such a vivid insight into school life.

It was certainly a very different school life to our own today. One wonders what sort of terrible crime the ‘wearing of shoes’ was, with one particular incident - see below - involving one Sub-Prefect (Train), a rugby player and a boy ‘most noteworthy of praise for Scripture’!

G. Wright Arnison - Headmaster 1905 -1933

Minutes of RGS Prefects Meeting held on Wednesday 10th May 1933
Present: All Prefects were present.

Cole, Johnson and Roberts were brought before the Prefects by Kay. On Monday 8th May Kay heard a considerable noise at the rear of the 5.30pm High Wycombe – London train. On investigation, he discovered these three boys in a carriage, the blinds of which were down, along with several girls from the Convent and the Technical Institute. Kay told them to remove themselves to another part of the train, and this they did. They pleaded that they were about to go to another carriage. During the meeting their behaviour was far from satisfactory and at times it amounted to insolence.

On being given the alternative of receiving three strokes each, or going to see the headmaster, they availed themselves of the latter course, and accordingly the case was transferred to him.

J A Harris
Senior Prefect

Our Prefects Today

Sixth Form marks a departure from all previous school experience and is an exciting new beginning.  For our Prefects, it allows them to make a commitment to volunteering, co-curricular and leadership activities so that they foster new competencies and develop existing talents to the very highest levels, whatever they may be. This ethos encourages them to be outward looking, showing understanding of the school and its role in the wider community.

Unlike the 1930s, our Prefect system is a broad church. There are 14 Senior Prefects, House & Deputy House Captains, Year 7 Prefects, as well as Prefects for the Benevolent Fund, Library, Diversity & Inclusion and Stage Lighting & Sound to name but a few.

With more than twenty-five subjects offered at GCSE and A Level it means we have over 50 Subject Ambassadors who are able to bring their experience and expertise and play to their strengths.

We wish our Prefects every success in their new roles.

Meet our Senior Prefect Team

Huw Davies, Head Boy - I am studying Spanish, History and Politics at A-level with the hope of pursuing Spanish and Law at University. I enjoy playing rugby in the senior team and I also participate in the Gold DofE programme. You can find me near the Brewhouse or in the Sixth Form Centre.

Sam Murray, Deputy Head Boy - I am currently studying maths, Further Maths, Chemistry, and Physics. I enjoy playing rugby inside and outside of school and I have the hopes of studying engineering at university. You can normally find me around the Maths Block and Science Block. 

Hamish Smith, Deputy Head Boy - I am currently studying History, Politics and Spanish with the hopes of studying Politics and International Relations at University. I enjoy playing hockey for the Senior team at school. You can normally find me in the Sixth Form Centre or in the Main block. 

Asad Tariq, Deputy Head Boy - I am studying Maths, Physics, Further Maths and Computer Science with the goal of pursuing Engineering at University. I run the STEM Symposium on Wednesdays and am also part of a Young Enterprise company.  You can usually find me on the Physics floor or in the Sixth Form Centre.

William Collins - I am studying History, Politics, French and Maths with the hope of pursuing Law at university. Other than my studies, I enjoy playing rugby for the school, and I am a keen musician, having played piano since I began at RGS. You can usually find me around the Junior Block or the Languages Department.

Jacob Moore - I’m currently studying Maths, Physics and Spanish with the hope of doing Automotive Engineering at University. I enjoy taking part in the school’s co-curricular activities, in particular Rugby and Hockey. You can also usually find me around the Brewhouse or Sixth Form Centre.

Joe Caesar - I am currently studying History, Politics. Economics and Sport. My aim is to study History at University as I have a particular interest in WWII and British Colonial History.  I am Windsor House Captain and enjoy all sport, particularly rugby and football.  You can find me upstairs in the Main Block or in the Sports Department.   

Gareth Anderson - I am studying Chemistry, Biology, Maths and Sport and hope to pursue Natural Sciences or Biochemistry at University. I am one of the Heads of the Fraser Youens Boarding House. In my free time I play rugby for the school’s 1st XV and also enjoy participating in the school’s musical activities.  

Ollie Kenyon - I am studying Maths, French and Business Studies with the hope of pursing International Business at University. I enjoy taking part in lots of different sports and I am a part of the 1st XV for rugby. You can usually find me near the Language Block or the Sports Department.

Theo Davis - I have been at RGS and in boarding since Year 7 and I am currently studying Chemistry, Biology and Maths with the aspiration of pursuing Veterinary Science at University. I am an avid rugby player as well as a boarder, so I can normally be found on a rugby pitch or in Fraser Youens house. As well as this I am also the proud head of St James and a strong ambassador for getting stuck in with inter-house sports and competitions.

Krish Chopra - An investment banker in the making, I take Maths, Chemistry and Business at A level. As the Career's senior prefect, you can find me around the school and the career's office. I manage my own business outside of school and am passionate about public speaking and self-improvement as well as career development.

Alex Egan - I’m studying History, Politics, and Maths for my A Levels with the hope of taking History at university. I play rugby and cricket for the school, and you can find me in the Sixth Form Centre, around the Brewhouse, or in the Main Block.

Charlie Hodson - I’m currently studying Maths, History, Politics and Economics and am the House Captain for Sandringham. My biggest passion is sport, and I've been involved in the rugby here since the first day of Year 7. If I’m not training, I can be found be in the restaurant or the sixth form centre. 

Matthew Yarwood - I’m studying History, Politics, Geography and DT with the hope of commissioning into the British Army. I enjoy taking part in the school's co-curricular activities especially the CCF and you can usually find me outside the maths block.