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How do you feel today?

Mr Zair's School Assembly on the importance of a self-care check in. How are you feeling today?

Teaching my form to ask themselves how they are feeling today, is a hugely important part of self-care. It might not seem like much, but this simple act can have a profound affect on your wellbeing.

Self-care goes beyond simply relaxing, though that is a massive part of it. It's also about paying attention to your body and mind, raising your awareness, and reflecting on what's going on for you. This is when you get those moments of clarity, when you learn about what your mind is doing, the beliefs it's acting on, the different people/places/events/thoughts that trigger, drain and overwhelm you.

Making it a habit is the greatest act of self-care, as you're making a commitment to stay aware of what is happening for you and take action accordingly.

Mr Zair, Boarding Academic Housemaster

Mr Zair is a qualified mindulfness teacher in his third year of a masters degree in 'Approaches to Mental Health and Wellbeing', which he studies part time at University of Bangor Wales as well as teaching Geography and Boarding Academic Housemaster.