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".....The School will always keep their memory green"

 “….. some have made the greatest sacrifice of all.  They felt that their country called them, and they did not hesitate to answer the call.  And while we deeply mourn their loss, the School will always keep their memory green, and when happier times come back again, the example of their self-sacrifice will still remain for all the succeeding generations who will receive their education within these walls.”

Mr G.W Arnison
RGS Headmaster, 1915



The Headmaster led a scaled-back event at the School in marking Armistice Day with the CCF, Y13s and Y7s – the final and first memory of the event - gathered in the Quadrangle this morning for our Annual Service of Remembrance.

At the heart of the ceremony as ever, was the familiar and always-moving two-minute silence, the wreath laying, the readings by the Headmaster, Head Boy and Deputy Headmaster, prayers from the Chaplain and the solemn contemplation of so much sacrifice and loss.

Missing were the rest of the School who privately paid their respects in their form rooms due to the coronavirus pandemic. Missing too were the wider community, including governors, neighbours and friends of the school.

The day belongs to those who gave - their lives, their health, with their losses felt by their loved ones.

Everyone here at RGS will hope that next year will see the whole school community return.