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  • 26/02/24

    Willkommen Zurück!

    The German exchange is back for the first time since 2019!
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  • 19/02/24

    We present our 2024 musical, ‘Shrek’!

    Join Shrek and his trusty sidekick Donkey as they set out on a quest to defeat the fearsome dragon and rescue...
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  • 09/02/24

    House Music Competition hits the big time!

    It was a wonderful evening of talent and creativity with in excess of 300 people enjoying the event.
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  • 01/02/24

    What do you want to be when you grow up? ​​​​​​​

    Is there a way to magically make this question disappear forever?
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  • 22/01/24

    How to win family-favourite games. Become a mathematician!

    A mathematician has revealed the secret tactics to board game success. Our mathematicians, who no doubt t...
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  • 14/01/24

    Is 'Blue Monday' a 'thing'?

    Today is the third Monday of 2024. Should you be prepared for a particularly rough day, or is this whole...
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  • 08/01/24

    Read all about it in The RGS Gazette!

    Welcome to the first issue of the RGS Gazette for the new academic year 2023 - 2024. 
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  • 01/01/24

    From one-liners to pearls of wisdom ...

    Some of the best quotes from 2023 and one from T.S. Elliot. With our best wishes to you all for 2024!
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  • 28/12/23

    Henry Sandon MBE (1939-1943)

    He was always rewarded with a good lunch. “That is probably why I’m the shape I am,” he said...
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  • 13/12/23

    Never judge a book by its cover

    Our podcasters pick their favourite books of the year, covering book to film adaptations, inspirational c...
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  • 11/12/23

    RGS Carol Service

    We would be delighted if you could join us on this occasion. 
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  • 30/11/23

    COP28: A cacophony of broken records

    The diplomatic heat is rising as all eyes turn to Dubai.
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