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FYH Easter Egg Hunt

Team Vinnie crack the Easter Egg Hunt

On the last week of term the boarding house organised an Easter scavenger hunt. There were about eight teams lead by prefects and made up of boarders from different year groups. There were various challenges for us to do from scanning a QR code in different places around the school, answering Easter questions and even singing songs which were then judged by Mr Silvey. One challenge, for example was submitting a photo of the team looking as sport as possible and another was taking a photo of your team being helpful around the boarding house. 

We enjoyed the Scavenger hunt because we got to learn some interesting information about the school and also the challenges were fun. I also enjoyed it because I got to take part with some of the older boys and get to know them better. The winning team was Team Vinnie (our team) and I think we won with our amazing sports picture. We didn’t win the singing as Team David totally blew the judges out of the water with their version of ‘I want it that way’. Of course we also enjoyed winning as we each got an Easter egg to take home with us!

Awad and Bethel (Year 7)