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Ice-skating at the Natural History Museum

I really enjoyed ice-skating at the Natural History Museum in London.

I really enjoyed ice-skating at the Natural History Museum in London. It was a great excuse to be out and about with friends from boarding and spend a day out in a big city!

The journey to the rink was smooth- we managed to escape the morning traffic commuting to London. Our next challenge was finding the right-sized ice skates. Fortunately, everyone helping-out at the rink went out of their way to make sure we were well equipped with our skating-gear. A few of us (myself included) had temporary difficulties in securing our skates to our feet so that they were firm and wouldn’t wobble, however soon enough word-of-mouth bearing the key to successful ice-skate implementation had reached everyone’s ears.

Next came the best bit- we watched the last people from the previous skating-slot come off the rink and impatiently stepped onto the ice. The first few minutes were petrifying- our legs slid in all directions and our sense of balance was virtually non-existent. However, all of us were soon swooping, gliding and giving it our best shot. We put the effort in- and the rapid improvement in skill rewarded us with every slip. We were all sad to leave- ice-skating, once again, did not disappoint. A big thank you to all FY staff in helping to organise and plan the trip!

Sixth Form Boarder