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It's a Snow Day!

Snowball fights and hot chocolate - a perfect snow day!

On Thursday 31 January we were so nervous but excited the snow would come but on Friday all was a relief as it was pouring with snow it was way more than I expected. Most dorms would take the lie in but my dorm were to excited so me and my friend Theo went down stairs to check if it was a snow day to are luck it was. We were so happy so we raced up to are dorms and told are other dorm members who were awake making sure not to wake the seniors. As we were only allowed into the snow at 9am we checked which other schools were closed and also played games then we played some board games in our dorm. When it was time we went downstairs in our snow gear to have breakfast which was waffles my favourite!

Straight after breakfast we had a meeting about are snow day it goes like this.9:00 to 11:00 play in snow then, 11:30 to 1:30 snow activities on up-line and massive snowball fight. Then 2:00 onwards relaxing including playing in snow movies and gadget time. So after the meeting I rushed outside onto the smooth white snow, but I did not realise how deep it was some went up to are knees. As we all came out we had a massive snow ball fight all vs all and we also made a massive sculpture and forts. Then it was time to go in and have hot some chocolate. Then we were ready to go to up-line when we got then we split into teams and had a massive snow ball fight after that we played capture the flag which was very hard as you had to make a fort over the flag. Then we played a game where you ran through and area where people tried to hit you with snowballs if hit you were out last man standing.

Finally we played zombies where there was one person on and if you hit you’re a zombie as well. Just to say we got the teachers once or twice on that day.

Then after a tiring hour and a half we were very very hungry so we came back to a wall hot dog and chips which definitely filled me up. Then I headed up to my dorm to relax some people went to play in the snow after lunch and way after that. After 30 mins of relaxation my mum was here to pick me up. I did not want tol eave early otherwise I would miss all the fun.

As I went to bed that night I slept on the great day I had.

Joshua Luddick