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Happy Halloween!

Full on Halloween Fun in Boarding

Halloween may have only been one day but the setup started several days before. Firstly there were the sweets. There were many bags to fill, so we set up a chain, there were three of us filling the bags and it made the process much quicker. Once that was over we had the “dissected sixth former” to fill. We had many boxes to fill from lychees as eyeballs to spaghetti as hair. Once they were filled, we put bin bags over the top, then cut a slit in it, the other students then had to put their hands in the box and guess what body part it was. Then there were the pumpkins, an hour before the evening started me and four sixth formers cut the top off and de-seeded several pumpkins for everyone to carve. It was all worthwhile as everyone had a great (but scary!) time.

Xavier Davis