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Music Activity - Drums, Bongos and friends

Josh and Jack share their experience of music activity

The Boarders have different activity’s every day and today it was music. We had the activity in the music block. Our aim in the activity was to compose a piece using percussion instruments like Drums, Bongos and many more. I was the leader of one group and Theo was the leader of the other group, which were both made up of about 4 to 5 other boys from Year 7 and 8. I think this activity was great as it opened are eyes and made us use our heads. It was also a social activity as we had to work together and definitely think both teams made some pretty good songs in 30 mins. I feel that this activity is educational and good for the mind. It helps you in many ways, mostly mentally in a fun, calm way. 

Josh Luddick

I am fairly new to RGS as I only started at the beginning of the term, things have been going great, but it is still tiring getting used to everything. When I heard, we had music as an activity, I was happy as music has always been a strong subject, and I enjoy it as a break from everything else. I really enjoyed it more than ever for one main reason. Walking into the music room, and still not knowing most of the names and faces of the people around me we had about half an hour of planning together, which was great to get to know everyone and look what we made. Not just the music, but the bonds of friendship and a start to a long road ahead of us.

Jack Wardle