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Boarders take on Pipers Corner at Hockey

Leo Pennant organises a hockey match against Pipers Corner

The 13th of November 2018 would be the first boarders’ hockey game against Pipers corner. Unfortunately, they wanted to play mixed teams and so the squad was split in half. Friends played against friends, and yet no mercy would be given. Each team was desperate to win, hungry for the glory they would be rewarded with. We had a quick training session and warm up and then got straight into the action. In the first 15 mins, it was a very close game with neither of the teams scoring. With some very good saves from the keepers, it stayed that way throughout the second 15. Being all tied and going into the third period the tension was starting to build up around the stadium with the supportive crowd cheering for their favourite team. The tension in the crowd built and built, never before had there been such anticipation at a secondary school hockey match. With a break away from one of the sides, an incredible superhuman evasion of the defence, and a flurry of hockey prowess the crowd had never seen before or again, an impressive goal was scored, screeching into the back of the net like a banshee, making it 1-0. The crowd went wild, with people screaming and crying and pouring bottles of champagne all over each other, as if they'd won the Premier League or the Grand Prix. Unfortunately, a stalwart defence similar in resilience to a roman testudo, proved to be robust to the cutting attacks of my team, never being breached for the rest of the game, leading to the final whistle blowing and the result being 1-0. Congratulations were given and we plodded back to the boarding house for a delicious turkey burger. Never had victory tasted so good.