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My first week in Boarding

My First Week in Boarding by Awad

My first week boarding at RGS has been great I have had lots of fun made lots of friends and have learnt many of life lesson.In my opinion RGS will be a great place to begin your child’s academic high school life. Your child can achieve more than you would think here at RGS.This an amazing opportunity for your child I recommend you take the opportunity. I am a year 7 weekly boarder and I agree that this is an amazing school and I am glad that I took this route in my life. There are so many clubs and societies to join, from Chess Club to the Rugby teams, to even the Islamic Society if you wish to learn more about other people's cultures. There are science clubs and five's clubs, squash teams and swimming teams, and countless others between, all full of passionate gentleman eager to discuss things that interest them. The food in boarding is exceptional, both healthy and exquisite, borderline Michelin star service. The dinner ladies are very nice, and always willing to slip a few extra chips if you ask politely. The rooms in boarding are cosy and easily organised, with everything you need a foot or two away at all times. The boarding staff are always willing to help, whether you need assistance deciphering the cryptic handwriting of a teacher, or even just tying your tie, they will do their best to look out for you, both in boarding and in main school.