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Alone in the Universe? The Chance of Life Outside our Planet Jago Wall - Jago Wall

Do you ever find yourself thinking, wondering about things, life, the universe? For hundreds of years, people have speculated whether we, on this tiny insignificant planet, orbiting a relatively small, average star in a fairly average sized galaxy, are the only pieces of life in the entire universe. Or could there be something else out there? The universe is huge; you might think you have an idea about how huge, but you don’t. Even our solar system is a lot bigger than you think. The moon isn’t that far away, right? It’s pretty big in the night sky, you’ve seen lots of images and drawings of the Earth and moon in close proximity. Actually, it’s 384,400 km from Earth. You could fit 30 Earths along that distance, and if you drove there at constant speed of 100 km/h (62mph), it would take over 160 days.