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Callum (Physics)


I chose to study Physics at A level because I found myself enjoying the lessons throughout my school career, all the way from when I first learnt about reflection in Year 6 to the life cycle of a star in Year 11. By the time I got to GCSEs, I knew I wanted to do something Maths and/or Science-based at university, and naturally that led to my decision to study Maths and Physics at A level – a choice I’m glad I made because studying Physics at A level has been wonderful. Not only has it been thoroughly enjoyable and interesting, but it has also developed my practical skills, which are surprisingly useful (and necessary at degree level!). My personal favourite topics so far have been mechanics, quantum physics, and fields – and I’m really looking forward to studying astronomy and particle physics too (especially since I hope to be able to work at CERN someday).

Obviously, as someone with aspirations to study the subject at university, Physics has been ideal preparation for moving on to the next stage. When it came to choosing courses, though, I was really delighted to see all the courses that included Physics as a major or subsidiary part of the programme, such as Physics and Philosophy or even Biological Engineering, so it was a great subject to choose because it keeps my options open if I change my focus of study.