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Jack (Music)


From the age of three years old I have had a guitar in my hand, so joining the RGS at Sixth Form was a decision I made to provide a balanced academic experience, while also facilitating my musical needs. I have always had a musical performance career at the forefront of my mind, and the school’s Music A level appealed to me greatly, considering the contemporary music courses I am applying to at conservatoire. As part of the course, we go through in-depth analyses of many of the great classical symphonies, while also studying jazz in the same week with another teacher.

The Music department, and especially its teachers, allow young musicians to explore their interest in the subject and perform to their friends, families and even the general public, an experience which is great for early exposure to the industry. As soon as I stepped foot in the Music department on my first day, I was greeted with the formation of a new Gypsy Jazz ensemble which showcased my main instrument (guitar) with a solo section that I enjoyed very much. Being able to share my love for music with everyone in my first few weeks gave me a warm welcome to the school. No matter what your instrument or preferred genres, there will definitely be a place for you on the stage at some point in your time here.